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Fly Tying: CDC Review & Moustique’s

CDC is one of those fly tying materials that has seemingly magical properties.  CDC is a fragile feather that imparts life like movement and flotation to fly patterns. Remember the admonitions to never add floatant materials to the CDC as this will destroy the natural buoyant properties. Hans Weilenmann writes at the Global Fly Fisher (GFF) about Tying With CDC. There is a great deal of information and links re CDC in the GFF post.

As I was studying up on CDC, I saw references to the Moustique style of fly pattern. This style of pattern uses a hackle collar of CDC at the front of the fly (as you would wrap a normal hackle in a dry fly or wet fly, you wrap the CDC feather). Normally, I have used a CDC plumes or puffs as a swept back underwing on wets and emergers. I have on occasion wrapped it once beneath an overwing of Elk Hair on Elk Hair Caddis to suggest legs.

The Moustique pattern is a simple pattern and the wing is one to two turns of CDC only. Check out the link at Rackelhanan re a simple Moustique Pattern


Fly Tying: Understanding Thread

Geeze, so much to know about thread! Not really. Several excellent points to remember while wrapping that thread and avoiding the hook point or pulling too hard. Martin Joergensen at GFF lays out a lot of valuable info re thread.

Sooner Or Later Buy Ceramic Bobbins



Fly Tying: Traveling Sedge (Antron or Zelon Wing)

I tied the Caddis pattern here as a Traveling Sedge for BC/Central Oregon stillwater trips. The single strand of pearl krystal flash has nothing to do with an adult Caddis. I added it just because. The body is heavily hackled from the rear to the half way point then a heavily bunched Zelon fiber wing was created and tied in. I again hackled the front of the fly. This is different than the Rackelhaen Caddis pattern, which is a simpler, durable fly pattern of primarily one material. The wing application is somewhat similar, and the point of this post. The synthetic wing can match elk or deer hair if dressed (floatant). (Wing options: Elk hair, deer hair, Antron, CDC: don’t add floatant to CDC; calf tail…on & on).

Rackelhanen Caddis Pattern at GFF


Caddis Larva by Radoslav Kiskinov (antron yarn rediscovered)

Caddis Larva~Radoslav Kiskinov

Caddis Larva~Radoslav Kiskinov

I was perusing the great site at and came across this realistic larva pattern. An attached link to GFF provides additional details for the Shark’s Caddis Larva. The comparison with the real insect is impressive. The antron yarn looks to be roughed up a bit and provides a plump, translucent body. As Kiskinov says, the fly is simple to tie and the material does indeed provide a great caddis larva body. Antron yarn is nothing new. I think I have rediscovered the affects of a wet antron body. It looks plump and tasty.


Tube Fly Tutorial by GFF & Larsen

Dirty Whites~Ken Bonde Larsen

Dirty Whites~Ken Bonde Larsen

Pretty much goes without saying that the GFF site is so comprehensive, that I almost hesitate to mention it. However, there has to be some beginners (which this site is meant for) that will benefit from a tip toward the site. A great site on how to’s for the beginner to the pro. The tutorial on the Dirty Whites is perfect and each photo can be enlarged to provide the necessary details for constructing a F.I.T.S. (Frodin) tube fly.


Flyfishing Knots (knots to you)

Christmas Island Blue

Christmas Island Blue


Yes, basic knot info. But, a few interesting tidbits re strength of these knots. Compare the regular Trilene knot v. the Improved Trilene or Cinch knot…big difference in strength. I constantly use the Surgeon’s Knot and would never consider the Blood Knot anymore, but you should know how to tie all these. Global FF is pretty emphatic about not copying these knots without their permission.

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