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Fly Fishing: Golden Trout (Introgression & Tetched)

I have fished for this hybrid golden and once the novelty (there unique appearance) wears off, there is a sense it is a bit odd…a bit off. Yes, the fish took the fly, but once they did the word mediocrity comes to mind. The words sludge, drag, short circuit, tetched come to mind. Maybe others have had an entirely different experience with this strain of ‘trout’….hybrid Golden- Rainbow Trout . I believe these hybrids are different than the California Golden Trout.

“Years of exploitation, mismanagement and competition with exotic species have brought these fish (Golden Trout) to the brink of being designated as threatened. Introduced brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) outcompete them for food, introduced brown trout (Salmo trutta) prey on them and introduced rainbow trout (O. mykiss) hybridize with them, damaging the native gene pool through introgression.”  A different perspective of introgression.

Ugh...A Disconnect (Pennine Trout Farm)

The man’s happiness aside, the setting and the fish go hand in hand…manufactured environment and manufactured fish. This was exactly the kind of setting (less refined) in which I encountered my goldens. I don’t seem to mind traveling to B.C. and catching triploids, a hybridized trout, why do I have such a block on these other trout? Aesthetics, personality…I just don’t know.

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