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Manhole Art, Eugene, Oregon

I stepped from my rig on E. 13th Street in Eugene, Oregon. I looked down and found a pretty nice discovery. I found it to be creative by whomever envisioned or designed it. I wonder if there are a variety of these beautiful manhole covers by East Jordan Iron Works in Eugene and elsewhere?

Eugene, Oregon on E. 13th Street

“East Jordan Iron Works, Inc. has been a part of the East Jordan, Michigan, community for over 125 years.  William E. Malpass and his father-in-law, Richard W. Round, established the foundry November 8, 1883, to service the area’s booming lumber industry.  At the time, the foundry produced castings for machine parts, ship parts, agricultural uses, and eventually railroads.  Soon after the company was founded, W.E. Malpass called upon his brother James, a journeyman machinist in England, to join the firm.”


Outdoor Pledge (Just Leave Nanny Out of the Equation!)

Outdoor Life, 1962

Great idea. Just don’t let it be a vehicle driven by those that aim to control every aspect of your life. All sounds good ’til the never ending reg’s result.



Oregon Coastal Cutt’s: Amazing Video

Horatio Nailknot over on FB shared this amazing underwater video by David Saiget. For me it was  informative and I think you will agree beautifully done.

Behind The Bubble Curtain: The Underwater World of Coastal Cutthroat Trout


Fishing v. Vaquita’s Upper Gulf of Cali (Eco Conflict)

“I experienced first-hand what it is like to live in the upper gulf, an area frought with poverty and drugs, and the social and economic consequences that arise from each.

I spent time on the water documenting artisanal fishers setting gillnets from pangas in an epic desert sea brimming with life. I watched hundreds of shrimp trawlers dragging nets along the sea floor all over the upper gulf (including through the vaquita refuge and biopshere reserve), unregulated and out of control. And, I met face to face, the secretive porpoise everyone is talking about – the vaquita marina.

In the blogs I have written about “Expedition Vaquita”, the perspective of the local people is one I feel has not been adequately shared.” (more at Vaquita)

This is an interesting site re the ever typical conflict between enterprises that harvest, over harvest?, and the increasing loss of a non-targeted species (in this case the Vaquita/Porpoise). In short shrimpers and gill nets in conflict in the Upper Gulf of California. Buy outs, conservation education and conflict, amidst trafficantes. (more on the conflict)


Ted Nugent Wisdom: A “Gut Pile” for the prim

Think what you want of Ted. But, read this a time or two and there is indeed a clarity, a simplicity to it.

Prim Avoidance? (

Ted Nugent (4/21/2010): “The way I live is not out of time. I go to Alaska and Africa. The way I live, self sufficiency, you are talking about being an asset to your neighbor. You have to start by being an asset to yourself, and if you can take hands on that sustenance, the food, clothing, shelter, medicine that you need from the good Mother Earth in a face to face eyewitness, first person system, then you know you are being accountable with those resources that we use….”

“You know, one of my favorite celebrations is the honesty of what sustains us. And you see an Anthony Bourdain or the bizarre food and you see these guys going through the process of the uncomfortable reality of preparing food for the masses. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, write this down: Your life has a gut pile. Know it, love it, admit it, and then you will be more responsible with fewer gut piles. But if you are not privy or honest enough to admit the system by which sustains you, then you can pretend and hire bureaucrats to waste everything in your name, USDA, FDA, OSHA, onward, insanity. So this individual lifestyle, I’m telling you..I”m not the weirdo. People who don’t understand gut piles are the weirdos.”


Deschutes (River) Passage Update (Smolts Moving)

“This present project – planning, modeling, designing and constructing the facility – started 15 years ago. The fact that we are finished and are working hard on actually operating the system is hard for me to assimilate. But as I write this, our partners from the Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife and the Confederated Tribes Fisheries Group are planning to release spring Chinook fry upstream the first week of March. This will be the third consecutive year of Chinook releases. In May, for the fourth year, several hundred thousand steelhead fry will be liberated into their historic habitat in stream reaches above the dam.”

Deschutes Passage


Bloom Energy: Fossil Fuel Independence Someday?

Bloom Energy: solid-oxide fuel cells

Bloom Energy aims to give the world independence someday from power grids and gas stations. It builds what are called solid-oxide fuel cells, in which water, oxygen, and a hydrogen source such as natural gas are pulled through the cell to cleanly generate electricity. One of the byproducts of the process is hydrogen, which in turn can be used in a different type of fuel cell: the hydrogen-powered version imagined for propelling cars of the future. If Bloom’s technology fulfills its potential, homes and businesses could one day generate their own electricity and fuel their own vehicles. (Business Week) (U of Tenn. Trial)

Concept Unveiling, 60 Minutes


Habitat Preservation (Back to Basics…NSW Habitat Considerations)

NSW Government: Fishing and Aquaculture (Habitat)

“Human activities that destroy aquatic vegetation, block channels and waterways, and disturb the balance between sediment and water flows in rivers and estuaries all contribute to the destruction of fish habitat.” Doesn’t matter whether it is in New South Wales, Oregon or Poland. The basics of habitat preservation are elementary and often ignored. Seems elementary to know this. Not so easy to affect sustained policy and financing to maintain changes.


Fish Habitat Requires Women to Foresake Birth Control!!!

Hot Raw Sewage by Trey Ratcliff at

“Of course, scientists and environmental groups alike are very careful to avoid making recommendations for restricting artificial contraceptives. (Oh, well yes, we want to be careful)

As we all know, most of us would not take kindly to the suggestion of restricting or banning hormonal contraceptives. In today’s modern world, it has become not just an issue of economic necessity, but also an issue of personal choice and freedom.”

“There is mounting, creditable research and evidence that documents this contamination. This contamination is beginning to have significant affects on the reproductive function and is feminizing fish and other wildlife.”

(Don’t even start….!)


Western Rivers Conservancy

I was watching Ed Ward’s Skagit Master DVD and noted several spots incorporated into the DVD highlighting the accomplishments of the Western River Conservancy. Good efforts.

Hoh River, Washington

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