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Fishing: Gravel Guards & Abrasion

simms-guide-boot-swittersb-gravel guardsSimple elastic, stretch bands with velcro closures are wrapped around the top of the boot to prevent silt, gravel, grit from gaining total access into the boot and rubbing against the outside of your stocking foot portion of your waders. These are a good investment to protect your waders.

Some newer waders actually have a built in gravel guard that pulls down over the top of the boot. If you have waders without that built in gravel guard like I do, then the gravel guards provide the protection and even some ankle support.

The advantage of the built in gravel guards? You won’t forget them as they are always attached. I always seem to be hanging mine to dry, then grab my gear and don’t notice the gravel guards hanging.

I snapped these two examples of gravel guards covering two different pairs of wading boots I have worn. Remember, you aren’t really protecting the ever rugged wading boot but the stocking (neoprene) foot/ankle portion of the waders. Some grit will still get by, but the amounts will be significantly reduced and protect that spendy investment in waders.

Simms Boots Gravel Guards 2 SB


Fly Fishing: Gravel Guards (Simple Protection)

Putting on gravel guard. SwittersB

The elastic gravel guard (in this case Simms) is an inexpensive investment in protecting your stocking foot waders. The guard fits tight over the top of the wading boot and keeps a lot of gravel and grit out of the boot to cut abrasion against the neoprene stocking feet. You adjust the tension. One end has a velcro strip which provides strong closure. I have used these for years and find them a great investment. Although they are not really necessary, I use them when fly fishing lakes as well. Some stocking foot waders have a built in gravel guard that does an adequate job of filtering out gravel. 

Gravel guard in wrapped and the velcro grip provides a nice seal. SwittersB


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