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Happy Mother’s Day…

To all the women that step up, in their way, to nurture and tend to their’s and other’s children…Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Early morning light on a rose in our backyard


In Remembrance…Happy Mother’s Day

photography-Mother's Day-cemetery-SwittersBIt can be awkward if you haven’t been there in a while. At first, I need to orient myself to the right marker. Then I gaze down at the names. I recall the faces. I study the dates…my how long it has been. I look up at the clouds and think about the image, the picture…but seriously, why did I come here? I look back down. I silently utter words of endearment, but they are awkward after all because I haven’t uttered them in a while.  I purposely refocus in earnest and tell them I love them. I give the Mother’s Day greeting and I give a heart felt thank you. I scrape some tried, dead grass off the marker. I walk back to my rig, feeling more fragile, more vulnerable. I miss them.


~Happy Mother’s Day~

“An ounce of Mother is worth a pound of clergy.”  Rudyard Kipling

“My Mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my Mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” George Washington 

Here is wishing all those amazing mom’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. To all the ladies that provide love and commitment to children in one manner or another…bless you for giving love, safety and stability to the children in your lives. 

photography-pink rose-SwittersB


Photography, Hiking & A Mystery: A Marker to What?

I took my wife hiking-bushwhacking to a remote area that was quite historical over a hundred years ago. Now it is an overgrown area, that only a few history buffs and artifact diggers know of. We found an old short handled shovel and some tin pieces, but none of the pottery pieces and such that use to litter the area…this private, overgrown area.

marker in the woods SB I have it on good authority from an avid area historian that certain workers were buried up in these dense woods with their keepsakes and possessions in unmarked graves. This belief must be known by others because at one time, I encountered digging sites and some artifacts, but nothing to denote a grave.

So, this gawdy vision in the distance, moving with the cold wind caught our eye. Now what are the possibilities for such a marker well off the beaten path?

shrine sBNow to clarify the decorative trappings: a small plastic princess crown that said “Happy Birtday”, A deflated, mylar balloon that said “I love you”, a deflated, mylar balloon that said “Happy Mother’s Day”, a deflated, mylar balloon for the Oregon State Beavers (OSU) along with the strung garland. 

So why this spot out in the woods with no discernible trail to this spot?

Was this the end point of some Geo Tag Scavenger Hunt for Mom? Was this a one time favorite haunt for Mom so the family decided to celebrate her Birthday or Mother’s Day in the dense woods? Hmm? Was this where Mom came to, this place of solitude to end her life? Or was this where someone else decided to end Mom’s life? A shrine to Mom.

This is not your ordinary littering. This is someone marking a spot and leaving the markings behind in a manner that, for them, over rides the no-no in these parts of ‘defaming’ nature’s visuals. This is a flaming reminder to Mom amongst the earth tones of Fall.

Or perhaps you have a similar experience and know right away what this was about? Either way, a creepy little discovery of remembrance for someone unknown to us.

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