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Rose of Honor…

I planted this in early July, in honor of a lost pup…Harley. Each bloom is a bit unkempt, raggedy and still pleasing to the eye…just like our sweet Harley was. With the cataclysmic, mind swirling events besieging us, losing a pet can be measured, by some, as trivial. No so to those that received loyalty, intuitive love and beautiful memories over the years. Harley’s Rose….


Is it silly or insignificant?

The loss of a loved one…a human is profound. What is it about the loss of a pet that we take into our lives, or is it the other way around? Profound loss, I say. Months later it brings tears. So powerful was the influence of Emma Louise in our lives that even today the mere mention of her name or her image causes a pause for reflection and an audible or silent homage.

Emma Louise, The Sweet, SwittersB

Less evident are the pet’s feelings left behind. I am convinced they suffer affliction to their routines, patterns and yes hearts! Harley, was very close to Emma.



Harley has seemed at a loss for the last six months since Emma passed. Time has passed but the routines are different now. Harley seems to be much more dependent now even with lots of loves. The nuisance and teasing of two cats has not lifted Harley’s spirits.

When I come across the postings of folks that lose a pet, my eyes well up for their loss and for my unresolved loss. So it is.


Pets: Always Underfoot

Yesterday, my wife and I were muscling an old, heavy mattress and box spring out of the Hoarding House. First the mattress into a corner. The whole while, Harley was underfoot. Then the box spring was carried out with the frequent “careful Harley’s right behind you”. The box spring went into space and away we were to the next load.

Minutes passed and then there was a distant whimper, then whine. “That’s Harley. Where is he?”

Harley Under FootThe sounds were followed to the matt and box. The box spring was pulled away to reveal the always underfoot Harley! His initial look was one of panic, however, at the point of our laughs and amusement, Harley broke into a grin.    


Polar Bear’s Playful Moments With Sled Dogs

Polar Bears and sled dogs play together. Seems magical, but then it seems that way when my little alpha’s Penny & Harley relax long enough to seem gentle.


Most Beautiful Girl

Well, one of them……

Aren’t they amazing? Loyal, in tune, close, shedding, loving. Emma is an amazing blessing in our lives. She wiggles and waggles and grins. Her wet, wagging tail leaves marks about the house at her level where ever she leans, wags or brushes by. Her coat sheds a ton. Her breath isn’t always the best. Her internal alarm clock is uncanny as she attempts to awaken me at 5:55am every morning and, if I am home, she stares at me for dinner at 3pm sharp. Maybe she can actually read? At any rate, she brings joy. I am sure you have or have had or know of such a pup.

Oops! Someone is jealous……….. Harley is not happy.


Every Day in May Writing Challenge’s Dark Side: Neglect

Screw Your Blog! Rub my Head!


Photography: Spooning Dog & Cat

Photograph: Harley & Penny are usually mortal enemies. Laying in wait, to attack, to retreat, regroup and once again attack. Yet, today they cuddled up, spooning for quite sometime, even through photo ops.

Harley & Penny spooning away an afternoon. These two seldom get this close and when they do it is not so affable. Photo by MJM

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