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Stoneflies on the Deschutes R. (Oregon)…

My son, Tony Muncy of Muncy Designs and I ventured over for the day on the beautiful Deschutes R. in Central Oregon. Word ways the Stoneflies were ’emerging’ onto the shoreline vegetation. So we thought we would see if the Redside trout were at all connecting with the adult Stones or nymphs. We centered upon the river North of Maupin, Oregon and some 15 miles downriver we found plenty of Stonefly nymphs crawling out onto shoreline grasses. The adults were emerging from the nymph’s and fluttering into the trees. We fished nymphs hard with only a few bumps. As the shadows finally fell upon the river, the expectations were adult Stonefly patterns would yield splashy takes. Alas, the trout karma didn’t align with the bug karma. A few fish, tons of bugs, glorious scenery and weather. The hatch is evolving toward some amazing times for some fly fishers in the days ahead as the ‘hatch’ progresses up river and the trout and bug karmas align.

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California Stone-Tony Muncy-Muncy Designs-Deschutes R. Oregon


Golden Stonefly-Tony Muncy-Muncy Designs-Deschutes R. Oregon






fly fishing…

took my grandson, Maddox, out to practice some casting at a local pond. The dragons & damsels were abundant and seeking any structures to land upon…to include the rod.

Fly Fishing-Dragon fly-SwittersB


Massive Mississippi Hex Hatch……..

A bit dated from a month ago, but I always find the stories of nature on crack fascinating. Just over a month ago, radar in Wisconsin picked up a disturbance. This turned out to be a ‘massive’ (billions of insects) Hex hatch (Hexagenia Bilineata), which rose on the Mississippi River and moved across Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. Hex Mayfly are much revered by fly fishers because they are big insects and trout love them at last light. 

super hex hatch

Mike Hamernik


Stoneflies & The Deschutes R. by Todd Moen

Found this Todd Moen video from Catch Mag over on LeMouching Blog (Cyril Kamir). Probably has circulated about quite a bit already but I loved watching it. Even if you don’t fish that much give it a watch and enjoy the big Redsides swamping those Stoneflies on the Deschutes River. Gets the juices flowing.


A Thing of Beauty…That Transcends ‘Porn’

Photography is a wonderful endeavor. It captures such magnitude, at times. Beauty, passion, energy, awe and just plain pleasure. Such is the case for me, with certain images of fish. There are many in my circle of fly fishers, or let’s say fishermen in general, that are greatly pleased with the beauty of a fish. 

The term ‘fish porn’ arose a few years ago to capture that energy one feels of looking at a beautiful fish that subconsciously replicates something sexy, curvy, plump, sexy, powerful etc.  Sometimes, a thing of beauty transcends the provocative porn label…I know it does.

A couple of things, that I have come to take for granted, should be noted for those that visit here for the images or my blazing charm…the photos of fish that are so gorgeous have been taken by my wife or son and it is important to note that the fish are released back into the waters unharmed.

I do get the occasional comment re ‘good eating’ or ‘tasty’. Short of a few hatchery (“put and take” resource) steelhead or salmon, I rarely kill any fish. I long ago stopped killing trout because they often went to waste. There are hatchery trout that are also there for “put and take” enjoyment. I just don’t bother with it anymore. The above Rainbow Trout is too glorious for me to harvest it for a meal. 


The Hatch, The Emergence (Moldy Chum shows why it is the Best FF site!!)

Moldy Chum is worthy of an in depth story as to its’ origins and how it functions. I am forever impressed with the breadth of topics, originality and balance. It is an extraordinary site and has something for all flyfishers.

This video clip of emerging insects is great! Takes time to load, but it is great to watch.

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