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Old Radio, Refrigerator Doors & Powel Crosley

In the keep it light and off beat, I offer up Powel Crosley Jr. and refrigerator doors and radios. Yeserday, over on Hoarding Woes, I shared some pics of an old Crosley radio we uncovered. The followup research of the old, still working radio, revealed it was distributed in 1941 and manufactured by Crosley Radios. I did some digging and found an extensive bio on the founder of the company, Powel Crosley Jr.

“During the early 1920s, his young son asked for a radio, then a new item. Crosley was shocked at the prices for such a “toy” at a local department store, all of which were priced in excess of $100. Instead, he purchased a booklet titled “The A.B.C. of Radio,” and he and his son built their own radio.

He recognized the appeal of radio almost immediately, and soon he was manufacturing radio components. Soon his company was manufacturing radios. He hired two University of Cincinnati co-op students to help design a set he named the “Harko.” By 1924, Crosley Radio Corporation was the largest radio manufacturer in the world.”

Crowley POD contentsOk, here is one of those fascinating, at least to me, tidbits that I find intriguing about inventors. Powel Crosley was also the inventor of racks/shelving for refrigerator doors!!!! Yes, you can thank Powel for all that crap you have setting on your refrigerator door!


Take a good look at the ad and note the radio built into the refrigerator too!

Read about Powell Crosley in the above link. What an innovative mind. A thinker, a creator, a do’er.

refrig door


Photography: What Was…What Is

A short blurb to highlight another side of our lives (my wife and I…well actually a good part of our extended family and friends) over at Hoarding Woes and photographs my wife captured yesterday amidst the layers of reclamation……..



Photography: Yard Art or……………

On an outing to the high desert, we came upon a remote yard of sorts. I had to write about it over on my Hoarding Woes blog site because it blends those tendencies of Art, Collecting, Hoarding and a I Don’t Give a Shit attitude so well. Yard Art? Perhaps. Not my neighbor.

PTown Yard Art 2 SB


Emma Is Half Way There…Thank You

Emma, according to the doc, held up just fine. He got in and found a severely ruptured disc and pulled it out like strands of spaghetti. The bleeding was a potential problem so he didn’t dawdle. Her weak heart held up. Now we wait several days to see what shakes….hopefully that tail. And, as was said today, by Craig in the comments section, the rehab is as challenging for the care givers as for the pup. Small price to pay. If no further complications in the weeks to come Emma girl will be shaking that rear end soon.

The most sincere thanks to all here and at Hoarding Woes that extended their very kind well wishes and prayers. Thank you!



Penny the Cat Attacks

This morning, I was attempting to document a timeline of sorts for my hoarding blog over at Hoarding Woes & You. I had found some ‘stuff’ wrapped up on a 1965 local newspaper. It is interesting in terms of how far back my Aunt was hoarding stuff. I had the crinkled newspaper nicely spread out on the kitchen table for a photo. As I gazed into the camera, I was not aware of an intruder…Penny the Cat jumped up on the table and suddenly the newspaper disappeared….zip. 

Penny takes a bite out of 1965 newsprint.

Such defiance! Penny the Cat doesn’t even look away.

The bite out of the newspaper…not sure if this was attack on the Rose Festival Princess or the Alaskan Quake….probably, as usual, a random attack.


Versatile Blogger Award for SwittersB

Well, I am honored by, Teri (FlyFishBrat) at Recipes From My Kitchen, who has nominated me for a blogging award…The Versatile Blogger Award. Not having received a lot of recognition for writing about what I so love, this is different.

I just received the coveted Sunshine Award for my Hoarding Woes blog site. All this in one week makes me think my ‘versatile’ side is showing. I am truly thankful Teri for your kindness and effort to pass it on.

So, when one receives one of these awards there are a few requirements that go along with the award. You provide a few (7) details about yourself and then you select those blogs you feel are worthy of this award. The latter is very difficult because there are so many worthy writers out there. But, the point is to pass on a bit of kindness and smiles isn’t it.

So, first a few things about me: (1) I am a rare commodity in Portland, Oregon…I was born and raised here and still live here; (2) I often find myself surrounded by two dogs (Emma & Harley) and a cat (Penelope) at night so I really never get to stretch out at night; also, every morning between 5:55am and 6:05am Penny and Emma conspire to wake me up for breakfast (I did not teach them to tell time…I blame Harley); (3) My favorite flowers are Roses and Fuchsia because they were my parents and I am sentimental about such things; (4) I hate Judge Judy; (5) I have two tattoos and plan on more, but will need to be greatly inspired for the next time…nothing so far; (6) my favorite historian is Gale Ontko, who wrote the Thunder Over the Ochoco series…and I have visited his grave in a small cemetery East of Prineville, Oregon; (7) I prefer Beef ribs over Pork ribs.

My nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:

1.  Winona Fly Factory (inquisitive & innovative)

2.  Mysteries Internal (Erin is a wonderful writer)

3.  Planet Trout (way more than fly fishing…old Hollywood there too)

4.  Bail Fly (exquisite artistry)

5.  Fresh Start (starting over)

6.  MiddleScapes (BlessedBeBeth)

7.  Graham Owen Photography (beauty)

8.  Stella Marr (Anti-Prostitution Efforts)

9.  Urge To Wander (Visual Passion)

10. Val Millett  (Paradise Found)


Fly Fishing Heritage: Short Circuited

No, this Fish Net Caddis Pupa has nothing much to directly do with this post. I just thought I would throw it in as another derivation of a simple pupa pattern using my salvaged strands of green fishing net I pulled from a hoarding cleanup in which I am immersed.

I have alluded to my multi-year commitment to my mom’s and aunt’s hospice care and in the aftermath of their deaths, to the cleaning up of their hoarding messes.

I have also mentioned my Uncle, who gave me my first fly rod and provided an example of a classy outdoorsman, who hunted and fly fished. He died too young. His special shop behind the garage was where I recalled gazing upon his fishing gear and eyeing the elk, antelope and deer antlers affixed to the wall.

 After his death, my Aunt filled the room with meaningless stuff but not, it appears, before getting rid of almost all of my Uncle’s fishing and hunting gear. What a shame. She sealed off the room. And, then socked in so much stuff before the entry way that it has stood like a tomb for 42 years. 

An old calendar has hung in that shop for many years and modestly attests to my uncles love of fly fishing.

 Yesterday and today, I gained access and entry into that room. Hours were spent removing the meaningless stuff, animal nests and hodge podge of obstacles to get to the places where there might be signs of my Uncle. I found traces of him: hunting knives neatly hung, an old camping stove, an ax and a half dozen empty cardboard fly rod tubes. I shook each one for weight or signs of something. All were empty. The rods long gone. No reels, no lines, a few spools of old mono and nary a fly box. Really nothing.

The man that handed me my first fly rod 50+ years ago may have left a legacy of  treasures, but my Aunt or someone else discarded every last piece of gear. So, I have the same recollections I always have had minus some old reel or rod that I probably wouldn’t use, but would wonder how he so enjoyed the sport with such primitive gear. Still, I would like to have found something beyond old, musty cardboard rod tubes.

This was my Uncle's style and organization. Vastly different than the chaos that beset my Aunt (and, my Mom)


Fly Tying: Materials As You Find Them

As a very few of you know, my last several years have often been devoted to elder health care (mom & aunt), hospice, death and the aftermath…hoarding homes cleanup on a vast scale (Hoarding Woes & You). Every now and then, I have come upon some small, barely salvageable items I believe would be great for fly tying. A piece of antron carpet, some fine copper wire, yarn and yesterday amidst a box containing plastic flowers and a dead possum…some awesome macrame‘d pot holder from the 70’s.

The macrame treasure was none the worse for wear despite this long resting critter who decided to find his/her final resting place atop a box of plastic flowers, plastic bags and the macrame treasure (well, at least I assess it to be one).

I saw that yarn, mottled and looking so Caddis like, so I extricated it, inspected it for bad ju ju and tucked it away. I also found an old fishing net, in bad shape, but cut away a swatch of it and added it for possible body material. I do this often, and I am sure you may as well…I see some material and inspect it for possibilities of fly tying: craft stores, Christmas/Birthday wrappings and as it were stuff tucked away in a long unvisited garage full of all manner of things. We shall see what I can create from the Possum Yarn and old net.

Salvaged 2 ply macrame yarn and some old fish netting.


Fly Tying Materials: The Hoarding Gene?

I recently remarked over on the blog, Hoarding Woes, that some people involved in craft activities can display hoarding tendencies. I pulled out all my fly boxes, to display, as a hint of what enormous quantities of materials I have in so many containers that I make amazing discoveries all the time …”Oh, I forgot I even had that, those, these, them …”  

So, when my good friend Jim called to say, “I am cleaning out my barn and I have all these materials from Ralph (good friend, avid fly fisher that died 15 years ago) that I want to get rid of…” I said, without hesitation, ‘Sure, I’ll take it’. It was described as “some animal pelts, capes, yarns and a whole bunch of stuff.” 

My son was kind enough to go load it up while I was out of town. I came home to my garden shed loaded up. And, a tipping point has been reached: I really have no decent place to put it all. I am full up now. What was I thinking? And, so it goes….. I have a new boat load of 1970’s fly tying materials with some animal pelts that Ralph harvested somewhere over out of Prineville. The good thing is I feel a bit uneasy about this acquisition so maybe I am not quite so much a hoarder?

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