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stash: vintage canning jars…….

A few of you may have followed our exploits over the last several years over at Hoarding Woes & You. There, I chronicled our cleanup of my Mom’s and Aunt’s massive hoards. Not long ago, we discovered a long concealed (forgotten) stash of canning jars beneath our (my Aunt’s) home that appear to have been deposited there in the 1960’s along with stashes of water, canned foods, fuel etc. With the assistance of  a stalwart friend (Magpie Ethel) we removed hundreds of the canning jars of a dozen shapes and sizes. We don’t ‘can’. Now we have this large collection to sort, assess value and hopefully sell. Remember if you stash your survival supplies beneath your house in a dark crawl space tell someone you trust. Otherwise someone else will have the surprise 60+ years later of discovering the cache.

crawl space-canning jars-vintage-hoarding-photo-SwittersB-2

magpie ethel-Laurie-canning jars-hoarding-SwittersB


beauty: vintage glass

an old wrought iron chandelier, outside for so many years. in the dirt, the tall grass, stacked amongst the forgotten, the ignored stuff of a hoarder. Not a bit of renewal, of touching up. I pulled it from the weeds, hung it from a ladder’s rung. Later, I snapped a shot of the glass bauble (same day I did the roses from the rear images). Despite all the scars, in its own way it is still beautiful

vintage glass worn photography swittersb


Let There Be Light……..

“Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being the photographer”  Walter De Mulder


For perspective, re this simple image, these blinds have been covering a set of French doors for 36 years, covered in cardboard, plywood and layers of hoarding stuff stacked up to totally obstruct the blinds and the doors behind. I uncovered it yesterday and was struck by the light, finally, filtering through into the room. Let there be light!


Mid-Century Modern

SwittMC2-MC5MC3MC4Out of necessity, I have had to, to some degree, learn about Vintage, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, Retro, Stuff & Junk etc. during hoarding cleanups. Some of it is quite beautiful and unique.


Where in the hell did I put…………..

-Morning Sun swittersb-


Photography: Shedding Light……….

old ceiling light SB

Some of you may know, my wife and I recently concluded a long journey of cleaning up, with the amazing help of family and friends, two hoarding homes over five years that belonged to my dear departed Mom and Aunt.

Often at the conclusion of such efforts there is an estate sale for the remaining, salvageable valuables. I have come to learn that everything goes, including all the ceiling lights. We marked this one ‘NFS’ (not for sale) and indeed it was one of just two remaining lights. With but one bulb working, the lamp gave off just enough light to show the beauty of the old light fixture.


Photography: Hidden Gems Amongst the Mess…..

For several years, our life has been consumed by multiple challenges, particularly illnesses, passings and massive hoarding messes. These challenges in life have taught me that often amongst the chaos, the mess, there are little vignettes of beauty, of contrast that if only for a moment give one pause to savor something hiding amongst the mess.

Today, I purposely took my camera to one of our messes and at first centered on a mess here and there and then looked closer to see if I could find even one sign of something different and momentarily worthy of a photo. I found a few.

I will first share the larger mess image and then something within that is pleasant amongst the mess…a vignette image of something beautiful, funny…something that was of a better time, a more orderly time…something rustic…something peeking out from the untidy. Granted the hoarding messes are much more conquered now than they were, but it is that residual clutter that lingers. And, there today I found a few little vignettes. 

Part A

Mess 1

Part A 2

Mess 1, Vignette A

Part A 1 SB

Mess 1, Vignette B


Part B

Slight Mess 2

B Part 1 SB

Mess 2, Vignette A

Part B 2

Mess 2, Vignette B


Part C SB

Mess 3

C Fading Rose 1

Mess 3, Vignette A

Part C 2 SB

Mess 3, Vignette B


Part D SB

Mess 4

Part D 1

Mess 4, Vignette A

Part D 2 SB

Mess 4, Vignette B


Part G SB

Mess 5

Part G 1 SB

Mess 5, Vignette A


Part F SB

Mess 6

Part F 2 SB

Mess 6, Vignette A

Part F 3 SB

Mess 6, Vignette B

Part F 4 SB

Mess 6, Vignette C

Part F 1 SB

Mess 6, Vignette D


Part E

Mess 7

Part E 1

Mess 7, Vignette A

Part E 2 SB

Mess 7, Vignette B

Part E 3 SB

Mess 7, Vignette C


Mess 8

Mess 8

Part H 1

Mess 8, Vignette A

Part H 2 SB

Mess 8, Vignette B

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