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Fly Tying: Biot Hot Spot on a Bugger

Regard the ubiquitous Woolly Bugger…I make no apologies in promoting or using the fly. It just works. But, the last few years with the Woolly Bugger (Little Fort Leech) and the Lake Bait pattern, I used dyed hot red and hot green hackle fibers or dyed hot red marabou fibers either at the top of the tail, but shorter than the tail length or at the sides tied in at the head. I have been wanting to experiment with the side of the head spot for an attractor hot spot. In the Brown Buggers, below, I used a dyed red goose biot. I will explore the length, durability and success of the material. Remember, the hot spot here is for an unweighted fly, so the hot bead head is not an option. Of course, the two could be combined with a heavier weighted fly.

Woolly Bugger w/ Hot Red Goose Biot, Unweighted, Size 8

The Tried & Very True Little Fort Leech (Hot Spot On Top of Tail)


Fly Tying: Hot Spot Nymphs (Natural +)

Hot Spot Nymphs Collage

As a beginning fly tier, you will see the pattern index is full of a large array of patterns, most of which tend toward a natural, impressionistic look. The incorporation of a ‘hot spot’ does fly in the face of traditions and for some tiers smacks of an egg pattern, worm pattern or some sort of Jezebel.

This push/pull mental process is for you to sort out and is part of the fun of fly tying and fly fishing. The hot spot of red, orange, blue, chartreuse etc. does add interest to a fly pattern. The hot spot can be pronounced or it can be the subtle variety like say a thread head. Experiment with hot spots at the tail, butt section of abdomen, thorax, thread head or hackle barbs. 



Fly Patterns & Hot Spots (Natural trigger or a contrast to naturals?)

Whether a ‘hot spot’ is part of the natural process or stands in contrast to naturals, the addition of hot pink, red, orange or  chartreuse can enhance the success of a pattern. Honestly, sometimes the myriad patterns and success of just about any pattern at some point makes one back away and mentally regroup. I mean the scruffy creation your five year old son or granddaughter tied can catch a fish at some point. Presentation and location being so critical, the pattern is often less significant. But, because of the never ending puzzles we seek to enjoy solving, we all come back to the vise to create, plot and contrive to trick the fish. Whether a Green Butt Skunk, Egg Sucking Leech or a Czech Nymph with a hot spot at the mid  point of the shank, the value of having some patterns that either contrast to the naturals or match egg laden or egg eating creatures is worth having.       

olivecaddiswoven A


wire worm

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