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Light & Shadow



Nothing to the Imagination……

Rather than presenting the image with no explanation and leaving it to your imagination re what the image is, I decided to explain each image. Yesterday afternoon, the sun high, I visited an old restoration/recycle company. In back, near a loading dock, they store all manner of metal pieces for creative renovations or industrial art. The shadows were crisp, the pieces rusted and ordinary, save a few. So, I took a few shots and here they are. Some are obvious and some would have been good ‘I wonder what that is?’ moments. The back loading dock had all manner of objects that are unique, decorative pieces.

coil-black and white-photography-steel-SwittersB

A very heavy duty spring

coil spring-shopping cart-photography-SwittersB

The top of that heavy duty spring looking down onto a steel grid.

cut steel top-table top-hole-photography-SwittersB

A steel plate with a square cutout on top. The sunlight is seen penetrating below.


The shadow of an old metal shelf lays over the top of a lid to some container beneath.

water can spout-photography-SwittersB

A galvanized watering can spout.

old iron wheel-spokes-shadows-photography-SwittersB

A heavy duty, iron wagon wheel’s hub and spokes on a cement deck

old metal grid bin-photography-SwittersB

Large metal bin for recycled materials on a concrete deck.

garden gate ornament-photography-SwittersB

Lastly, the ornamentation on an old garden gate.

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