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the Burning House Question: What would you save?

“If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It’s a conflict between what’s practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question.”  the Burning House 

Echard Wheeler's selection

Interesting concept. Of course, the selections are made slowly and thoughtfully for the sake of the photo, but interesting none the less. What would you pick, say 10 or so things and how would you lay it out?

John Tinseth's selection

Found this site via Amandab at Know Your Meme



State of Jefferson…’A State of Mind’

I recall reading something about a sputtering effort to create a new state, a 49th state, called Jefferson, which would combine the a SW portion of Oregon and a Northern portion of California. The movement, ‘a state of mind’ had supposed momentum in 1941 only to be upended by Pearl Harbor.

State of Jefferson

I had to study up on the X X (double crossed by Sacramento and Salem) center piece for the ‘state seal’. It would be a curious blend of Independent Country folks and Ashland Progressives. (more)

Just a bit of NW oddities that has always made the region ‘special’ 


Washington State History Timeline

NW/Washington State History Timeline  

For you Washingtonians, you might find this NW history timeline interesting. Actually, any NW history buff will find some interesting historical minutiae here. 


Ancient Lakes Dried Up (Salton Sea?)

Lake Lahotan (Western Nevada) the Salton Sea set in the green basin of Southern California now

There is some interesting history about ancient lakes that dried up over the course of thousands of years. Currently, the Salton Sea, Aral Sea, Mono Lake are examples of lakes that are reportedly shrinking and providing alarming concerns about the man made and natural chemical’s airborne dust possibly causing illness and cancer risks. I am hesitant to use the might’s, could’s and maybe’s re eco disaster. But, there are some substantive studies in Russia re the Aral Sea (which was the fourth biggest lake in the world…no more) and cancers/birth defects. Of particular importance here, is the Salton Sea. Lake Lahotan was a different story but equally fascinating.  (Also, see Land Art)   (Salton Sea & Dust/Wind Pollutants)


Sweet Dessert From Paleo Site

Figs & Dark Chocolate Tart



If you are a vegan you might want to turn away…the principles of the Paleo may make your colon convulse. Go make a green smoothie. Me, I just like a nice steak or beef ribs now and then. But, food for thought and life. 


Tom McCall Statue and Fly Fishing

Tom McCall Statue; Salem, Oregon Waterfront Park

I never realized this beautiful piece of work existed on the home front. The statue was placed in the Salem Riverfront Park in 2008. It was made in Enterprise, Oregon (NE part of state) and even took a tour around the state before being set in the park. Tom McCall was a gentlemen’s gentleman. An excellent example of leadership without arrogance.   Tom McCall Fly Fishing Statue  h/t: Creek


Las Conchas Wildfire in New Mexico (Big Picture)

The Las Conchas wildfire in New Mexico spread dangerously close to the Los Alamos National Laboratory (AP-Big Picture)



Cat In a Tree on a Windy Day (Cat Rescue’s Self)

Finally, a sunny day. Often in Portland, Oregon when the wind blows out of the Columbia River Gorge on a Spring/Summer day the temperatures rise and the trees sway. I was sitting on the back deck gaining some Vitamin D when I opened my eyes and gazed upwards to the tops of the swaying Alders. Imagine my surprise when I viewed a dark shape nearly at the top of the tree. Probably 60+’ up was an animal. A raccoon ? A cat? I grabbed the telephoto lens and shot away as I could see it was a cat. A domesticated cat? A pregnant domesticated cat? A fat cat? Regardless, of its origins, it was a cat holding on as the tree swung several feet in either direction in the strong East wind.

Cat in a Tree 1 SwittersB

Cat in a Tree 2 SwittersB

Cat in a Tree 3 SwittersB

Cat in a Tree 4 SwittersB

On this particular day, I do indeed hope the cat has 9 lives. My back yard has been visited by Coyotes, Hawks and Raccoons. I hope this cat makes it down. The wind will blow for several more hours as temps rise. Hold on Kitty. I have to leave for the afternoon/evening in the midst of this wild life-domesticated pet drama. I will have faith that in any lulls with the wind, Penelope (yes I named her) will move downward toward safety.

Penelope the Cat: Down & Out (SwittersB)

Well now….I arrive home from a family gathering and bit of a drive, tired and ready to hit it. Oh yeah…the cat in the tree? It is pitch black out back, so I get a flash light and shine it to the top of the tree. Bouncing back are the reflective eyes at the top of the tree. And, a non-stop of woeful ‘meows’. The wind had stopped by now. What the hell now? I walk over into the area of the tree, with a small spring separating the tree from myself. The tree is oddly swayed and rotten branches extend up a good 40′ up into the flourishing area where the cat pleads for help. 

A few neighbors gather and a discussion ensues with the options of ‘let’s go to bed’; ‘it’s a cat, it will be ok’; ‘let’s cut the tree down’; ‘now?’; ‘would the fire department come out?’; ‘really?’. ‘Here kitty kitty’s’ are offered upward and ‘meows’ respond downward.

Our flashlights point upward, and suddenly as if either drawn to our summons or thinking ‘finally, I can see were I am going!’…Penelope the Cat commences a harrowing, claw clinging, upside down descent from on high. This little drama results in a bunch of ‘oh my God’s’ and ‘I can’t watch’s’. The cat is silent. Every ounce of that cat’s being is clutching that tree’s trunk as it slides inch by inch, sometimes a rapid foot all at once, down that tree trunk. This draws out until, we are certain there cannot be any energy left to continue. Yet that cat did, until the final five feet. It swung around tail (half tail missing) downward and after hanging by the claws it let go into the brush below, beside the small stream. I met Penelope and she was immediately drawn to me.

Well this resulted in a rather sleepless night of my two dogs, annoyed as hell, testing the lightning quick paws of Penelope. Not a relaxing night. And, the cat was/is badly dehydrated and starving. Who knows how long it had been up there? It is now open to debate within the family of how to proceed. I will be dutiful to scour the area for wanted posters.

For now, I need to make a litter box or decide if this is a house cat or outside cat…should Penelope decide to stay awhile.     zzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   mmmmmmmmmmmmm,,,,,  (I do know the cat is fascinated by the cursor moving on the screen here).   


Manly Trivia & Minutiae…Worth a Look

The Art of Manliness~Interesting Boyhood Minutiae of Old & Now


Creativity: Ub Iwerks & Walt Disney

Whiling away a Sunday afternoon, I came upon an inspiring, cable show called Hand Behind the Mouse: The Ub Iwerks Story. Amazing, gifted, young men in their teens and early twenties, Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney endured the lack of familial support, industry back stabbing and little financing. We all know who Walt was, but I had never heard of Mickey Mouse’s creator, Ub Iwerks, a prolific, genius animator. If you get to see the 1999 production re Ub Iwerks do so. 

Youthful visionaries, entrepreneurial courage, Mickey’s progression of personality (Ub’s drawings/Walt’s voice); impressive, fun stuff….and censorship over too visible fluttering utters. Somethings never change. Ub Iwerks….now you know.

Walt Disney & Ub Iwerks

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