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Seeing the value of change…

“If I had asked them what they had wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” Henry Ford


You Snooze….You Lose! Pup Corn

Some 20 years ago, an idea was hatched by me in the presence of my family. I had the idea of flavored pop corn for dogs, and I called it Pup Corn! My family thought the idea was fun and the name was clever. It became the family joke, me saying ‘someday, I’m going to develop the recipes for the “Pup Corn” and make a fortune’. Year after year I said this, especially as I tossed pieces of regular popped corn to my dogs. And, year after year I never did anything about the concept. No recipes, no drawings of marketing concepts, just a lot of talk and jokes.

Pup Corn-Pet Foods-SwittersB

So, imagine my surprise as I visited the pet food section in a supermarket and came upon Pup Corn!! OMG! I could hardly complain. It’s not like I had a product on the market and was being infringed upon. No, I had taken a perfectly great concept, but had no idea of how to implement the vision. You snooze, you lose. I guess the product came out in the last five years or so and has had a bumpy ride re quality assurance. Now when I mention Pup Corn, if I do, it will be feigned irritation over having been robbed of a great idea. 


Old Radio, Refrigerator Doors & Powel Crosley

In the keep it light and off beat, I offer up Powel Crosley Jr. and refrigerator doors and radios. Yeserday, over on Hoarding Woes, I shared some pics of an old Crosley radio we uncovered. The followup research of the old, still working radio, revealed it was distributed in 1941 and manufactured by Crosley Radios. I did some digging and found an extensive bio on the founder of the company, Powel Crosley Jr.

“During the early 1920s, his young son asked for a radio, then a new item. Crosley was shocked at the prices for such a “toy” at a local department store, all of which were priced in excess of $100. Instead, he purchased a booklet titled “The A.B.C. of Radio,” and he and his son built their own radio.

He recognized the appeal of radio almost immediately, and soon he was manufacturing radio components. Soon his company was manufacturing radios. He hired two University of Cincinnati co-op students to help design a set he named the “Harko.” By 1924, Crosley Radio Corporation was the largest radio manufacturer in the world.”

Crowley POD contentsOk, here is one of those fascinating, at least to me, tidbits that I find intriguing about inventors. Powel Crosley was also the inventor of racks/shelving for refrigerator doors!!!! Yes, you can thank Powel for all that crap you have setting on your refrigerator door!


Take a good look at the ad and note the radio built into the refrigerator too!

Read about Powell Crosley in the above link. What an innovative mind. A thinker, a creator, a do’er.

refrig door


SLINGSHOT Water Purification by DEKA: Think of the Potential


A new water purification system, the Slingshot, emerging from DEKA RESEARCH

Scientist and inventor, Dean Kamen, is responsible for the innovative efforts at DEKA RESEARCH. This Slingshot Water Purifier system has been expensively floating around for at least 10 years. It is reportedly quite efficient at producing pure water from very impure sources. Once the price can be more affordable, the consequences for water challenged areas of the world will be profound.

“One Slingshot unit can purify up to 300,000 liters of water each year — enough daily drinking water for roughly 300 people — producing 10 gallons of clean water an hour while consuming less than 1 kilowatt of electricity, which is less than the amount of power needed to run a standard handheld hair dryer. The unit can be plugged into the local grid or can be powered by other locally available and renewable power sources such as solar cells, batteries, or another DEKA invention — the Stirling electric generator, which can be powered by biogases such as methane from local waste sources.” (X)



The Fish Hook: Ranking In History

The staple of our sport…the hook. Quickly we cover it up with all manner of adornments. Well, a group, via Forbes, has poured through various inventions and tools of mankind and come up with their version of a ranking of the worth of tools. Read more here….

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