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Fly Tying: Fergus MOAL Tutorial from OFFB

Great tutorial on construction of the Fergus MOAL Steelhead Pattern. I have highlighted this pattern before. My son recently tied up some of these (with Waddington Shank).(OFFB)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Fergus MOAL at OFFB


Fly Fishing Blogs (Time to Reconsider My Efforts)

I was reading the always useful Oregon Fly Fishing Blog and a piece (installment) by Jay Nicolas entitled The Fly Fishers Glossary: Snippets From the Underbelly of Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Fish Biology, Dusty old Facts, Hallucinations, and the Plain Truth as I know it, by Jay Nicholas.

In the piece there was something that caught my eye besides the uncharacteristic pic of a tight tush (are the OFBB guys loosening up?)…it was a comment that “….Research has demonstrated that blogging occupies an average of 6.5 hours per day for an avid fly fisher. Researchers have concluded also that a preoccupation with blogging” essentially precludes devoting any time to actual fishing. Thus, any bloggers who pretend to report fishing trips must have been hallucinating the event.”

Well, that is so true. It becomes akin to ‘those that can do and those that can’t coach’ (sorry coaches). So much effort to create posts that are meaningful, accurate, tinged with humor. It is a consuming drain, especially combined with work and family and vices. I so seldom get to fish of late..the addiction of the pasttime is so self evident I worry for my sanity headed into Winter. Too consuming, too passionate this blogging. So with that in mind I have decided to relax, expand the mind and remove myself from the blogging harness for awhile and explore other avenues of fulfillment. I mean if OFFB can pull a little sex kitten from Moldy Chum or Buster then certainly I can find a similar release……

rap star

Well, on second thought…although there were lots of ‘bootylicious’ displays in this cultural sidebar…I guess as Clint said,  ‘a man’s got to know his limitations’ or something like that. I am too old for a mid-life crisis, so I will go back to researching and tweaking the FF populace and dreaming, planning and yes, sometimes getting out there.

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