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Atlantic Salmon Flies: The Dark Side of Rare Feathers

I won’t say anything disparaging about those that tie Atlantic Salmon patterns. I don’t want to suffer the wrath I received when I made negative remarks about Tenkara, Ted Williams or financed ‘trout bums’ excursions. I have unfortunately made the acquaintance of two obnoxious, arrogant sorts that tie Atlantic Salmon flies that make no bones about their sense of superiority. I’m old enough to sort through the obnoxious sorts one encounters in life. It shouldn’t shade my objectivity re the overall tying field (I did write something somewhat respectful 10/21/08 re Jean Paul Assaigne).

It appears some criminally enterprising youth (Edwin Rist) studying abroad, in London, decided to capture the imagination of Atlantic Salmon fly tiers with much sought after feathers by performing a feather heist. A call is made to do without the unique and rare feathers.   Feather Fetish story here by John McCoy

Jean Paul Assaigne Perfection


Jean Paul Assaigne’s Perfection of Images

Les Nymphes~La Perline by Jean Paul Assaigne

Les Nymphes~La Perline by Jean Paul Assaigne

Sans doute Jean Paul Assaigne du site est l’un des plus agréables pour étudier la mouche liant. Les images sont magnifiques et les tutoriels sont la perfection. Merci, Jean-Paul
Without a doubt Jean Paul Assaigne’s site is one of the most enjoyable to study about fly tying. The visuals are magnificent and the tutorials are perfection. Thank you, Jean Paul

Montage d’un tube fly (French Salmon Flies and Tube Flies For Your Functional Side)

Tying Art

Tying Art

Being of the practical and impressionistic stripe of fly tyer (too lazy or impatient to take my time?), I can still appreciate the perfection of application. The art form and discipline to tie such flies is admirable. And, I imagine some even wet these flies while in pursuit of a beast. I include this site as my monthly presentation of my softer, artsy side.

Jean Paul Assaigne Perfection

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