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Escape to the Wild Side

Ah the beauty of nature, flowers, landscapes, architecture, exotic locales, art captured in photography, in our special place of the mind that pleases and helps us recall special times in life. I appreciate such recollections that draw out the times in life that were ‘perfect’, bittersweet, crazy, sad. Often they help us center on where we want to be and who we want to be.

Maybe odd for most of you, but this image of me holding a beautiful Kamloops’ Trout draws forth blissful recollections of life and being centered with nature, self and life in general. The beauty of the trout and the recalled euphoria over such encounters sustain me through the routine, the mundane, the treadmill of life. It prompts me to not just wish I could escape, but to actively plan the escape.

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Stripping Streamers…Impart Life

Erratic stripping of a streamer pattern,whether on a river or lake rarely fails to produce a strike. The streamer pattern could be swung cross current on a river or trolled at a uniform speed on a lake. The addition of jerks, pulses, pauses and streaks in the presentation will lend more life to the presentation, beyond a swinging or trolling fly.


Liquid Lace Reluctance (Still Worth A Try…IF…..)

I believe I have seen Ed Smith from Kamloops, B.C. at about ten shows over the last few years. Each time, as I watch him tie his realistic Liquid Lace nymphs, I think “That is cool. Look at the translucence of the abdomen. I need to try that.”  Each time I grab one of these small pieces of paper which has the size syringe to buy at the local pharmacy..and leave committed to trying this technique. Yet, I have not done so after all these years. And, I have Liquid Lace waiting. Why has this not progressed further? Well, I believe the hitch is in acquiring the syringes. I have tried at several pharmacies, and even taken the instructions to the counter to demonstrate what I am looking for and lend some legitimacy to the search. The mere fact I suggest why I want them is often met with annoyance by the pharmacist assistant. Further, I have not found a pharmacy that carries the size required. Is this a Canadian thing? Syringes readily available in this odd size? US pharmacies seem to only have larger sizes. I am not quoting the exact size right now as I don’t have the little slip of paper in front of me (another reason I am not progressing on this quest?). So, all that aside, I always think these are realistic looking flies…I need to move on this…especially the chironomids. So, I suspect I will see Ed again in Portland perhaps this Fall or Winter. I think Ed should bring and sell syringes. Is it legal to transport syringes into the US? Not sure.

If you get a chance to see Ed at a show in the NW, check out his flies. Pretty cool abs. OK, I need to find that small slip of paper with that syringe size on it.

I see, if you check this site, it requires “27g 1/2″ long needle or 29g for micro lace; 3ml’s”


First Fly Fisher Trout~Crooked River and beyond

Tony & Dad~Cobble Rock, Crooked R. 1991

Tony & Dad~Cobble Rock, Crooked R. 1991

At a very young age, Tony was scouting the drift below Cobble Rock on a chilly May day. Later, he would catch his first trout with a flyrod, a hundred yards or so upstream from this spot.  

Tony's 1st. Flyrod Trout~Crooked R.

Tony's 1st. Flyrod Trout~Crooked R. 1995

 In the beginning, there was a spinning rod with either Power Bait or a casting bubble (I’d cast-he’d retrieve) and a dry fly. Early on he enjoyed ‘The Moment’ and caught many trout. Later, I braved the frustrations of teaching him to cast a flyrod. It was, to be expected, too early and he struggled to coordinate the movements and I struggled to stay patient. But he did manage to flail away. On this day, I had positioned him on a safe rock with room to back cast and within view of camp. I ran up to camp to get something when Tony started to yell. Christ, he had either fallen in or been bitten by a snake! But, in fact he had a beautiful Rainbow Trout on and was cranking away as he had with a spinning rod at a lake. I stood there and watched him move off the rock and instinctively stop cranking. The fish moved through the threads of the currents and Tony moved slightly downstream with it, and I moved below. He walked and cranked and soon the trout was feisty in the shallows. I grabbed the leader and hollered for a camera to record the blessed event. Photographed and released, both of us a bit adrenalized for different reasons, watched the fish shoot from the shallows to the safety of a riffle. Tony had caught his first trout with a fly and flyrod. He had also reinforced C & R as a dominant practice. The surge of confidence at such a young age has never waned.

Tony~Bench L. Kamloops

Tony~Bench L. Kamloops


Still Having Fun

Still Having Fun


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