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Dragonfly & Destiny

As an avid fly fisher, with a good deal of time spent on lakes, I have come to appreciate the Dragonfly. I know I attach some pseudo-spirituality, mysticism, good luck karma to them. I don’t get any of this with Damsels, Caddis, Mayflies, Midges in such, that I encounter on stillwaters. No, the Dragonfly, the friendly winged creature lands about me, dances on my fly rod, mates on my oars and generally smiles upon me with good luck. Here’s to you Dragonflies. 

Dragon fly-Garden-Yard Art-Photography-SwittersBEven this past May, when I was nowhere near water and sitting contemplating the morning light and a hard task that was before me…along came a Dragonfly to wish me well…ok, maybe I am reading too much into these delicate creations. Butterflies come close, of course, but Dragonflies rule, for me. 

Oh I know,  “Is he for real? What about is own self-empowerment? He’s leveraging his fate, his life’s direction on an insect that at best only lives a couple of months!” Hey, just hedging my bets, just in case.



Dragon Fly Karma

“Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don’t even notice it.”  Sakyong Mipham

My long time, fly fishing, good luck creature is the Dragon Fly. We have bonded in odd ways over the years on the water. I recently completed some patio tile work complete with a Dragon Fly tile.

photogaphy-tile work-dragon fly tile-design-SwittersBSo imagine my delight, the other morning, when I stood before the new tile work and then looked right above it to witness a visiting Dragon Fly.

photogtaphy-macro-dragon fly-photography-close up-SwittersB~

photography-nature-dragon fly-macro-SwittersB

An underwater predatory beast…above water it has always possessed a positive karma for me. It was a nice visit. I climbed an step ladder some 9′ in the air and bobbed and swayed to stay steady while focusing. The images were taken and then my visitor glided away into the morning sun.


Outdoors: Recreational Karma

Recreate: to restore, give fresh life, to recreate memories, to restore mentally or physically.

Whether it is photography, hiking, camping, fishing or some other outdoor pursuit, a large component is the restorative quality of the outing. We savor the revitalization of the mind, the body, the spirit. We attempt to draw upon the past memories of positivity and add it to the present to come away stronger and renewed. Add to it smiles, happiness, memories, rituals and it all just is that much better. Throw in some planning, anticipation and excitement and it just does not get much better for self, for relationships of family and loved ones. Bliss

photograph-outdoors-recreation-fly fishing-SwittersB-lakes-rivers


Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, Oregon (Historical Gem)

Today, Portland savored a beautiful Fall day. Just warm enough, leaves already falling, squirrels chasing one another amongst the trees of the Lone Fire Cemetery. It is Portland’s oldest cemetery

Within a short time, I came across several stories that would beg more research, more leads to followup. Where to begin? I took photos and they mostly tell the story but a few explanations help too. 

First, I went to a corner of the cemetery I had never explored before. Out of the way, I had always driven by it toward the older portions of the cemetery (although it is all mostly old by Portland standards). I was shuffling through dry leaves and chestnuts, watching some squirrels chase each other around the trunk of a tree. I stopped to take their photos should I be so lucky to capture their swirling chase. They momentarily disappeared from sight so I looked down. Within this 30 acre site, in this off to the side corner was the head stone for my children’s pediatrician. A saint of a man, who died much too young. How amazing I came to a stop atop his grave.

There are in excess of 25,000 people buried in the Lone Fir Cemetery and I happened upon this grave. I looked up and my friends were staring at me.

Such good karma on a warm afternoon. Good memories. A work crew off in the distance lounged in their work truck. Not another living person in view. I was going to say ‘soul’ but opted away from that. I moved toward the opposite corner where I knew the pioneer family, the Stephens, are buried.

The link I attached, provides the start up data re the  Lone Fir Cemetery and the Stephens family. There graves take up a fifty foot swath in the NW corner of the cemetery. The grave of Emmor Stephens (born 1777, died 1846) is next to the above headstone. Emmor was the first burial in the cemetery.

Emmor Stephens Headstone

This monument was to the Stephens’ children and grandchildren. As I circled the monument I counted ten born/died engravings on the monument of young ones. I didn’t think to look if there was a pattern as to year and a disaster of some sort.

Now I know by East Coast/Euro standards this is not too impressive, but by Portland standards it is epic. Realize that just within previous months the Penny Coin Toss that decided Portland’s name had just taken place. These were primitive times in River City.

There was more, but I will save it for another time soon. With in a stone’s toss there were all manner of Portland historical treasures and great photo ops.

As I was leaving the vans and rental rigs were parking nearby and gurneys of gear were being wheeled into the cemetery by some film crew. Grimm perhaps? They have been filming in Portland for sometime. Perfect locale for a cemetery shoot.


Your Special Good Karma Spot?

Do you have that special spot, or two, that is magical? A spot where positive karma abounds because of past encounters? This is a spot that borders on a love affair…just you and a fish or two. A spot that yields epic memories and the one you think of when Winter has cut you off from the spot….that special spot the gives you ‘the moment’. Most of you have one that you think of.

For want of a better name, I have always called this spot the Back Channel and the end of that channel, the Damsel Bay. This is one of my ‘spots’. Epic encounters have happened here and almost every time the Trout has won the encounter. Callibaetis hatches like I have never seen before have been visible here against the sunlight filtered through the trees. Dragons and Damsels are prolific. And, a Damsel dry fly has always….always…resulted in a sound thrashing of the fly. Reeds, weeds, brush piles, jagged rocks, lily pads and sub surface trees snags conspire against the tippet as the Trout dives for a safe refuge. That presentation, the cast and wait, with the slightest draw and twitch, results in memories that will sustain me through Winter. I do need to ties up Damsel dries this Winter too.

This beautiful Rainbow Trout came to a Damsel. It was not ‘huge’ but it was a worthy fish in the hazard prone back bay. It gave me a memory to recall. The other two kicked my skinny ass and kept my flies. I will remember them as well!


Double Dose of Bad JuJu

This person is courting bad juju. Not only is the horseshoe facing the wrong direction, down rather than up, but the good karma message is upside down. Found this on a nearby shed close to my home. Hope it doesn’t rub off! SwittersB

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