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Wildlife Management: Sneaky ‘C’ Students Controlling the Resources?

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game cited unspecified safety reasons for keeping secret a helicopter wolf hunt in the Lolo zone last month. Because of safety concerns, the department thought it was best to carry out the action and then notify the public about it,” department spokesman Mike Keckler said. The department, with the help of federal wildlife agents, shot and killed 23 wolves from helicopters.” The Spokesman-Review

wolvesThis is another one of those multi-angled issues: ranchers, hunters, animal advocates, anti-gun, anti-hunting etc. The State manipulating, controlling, “protecting” resources at every turn and often screwing it up. The secrecy of all this activity is as distressing as the heli-kill. I wonder who from the Idaho Fish & Game invited a buddy a long for some fun times? Just wondering………. 


Wildlife management, whether wolves, fish or elk seems to be primitivism cloaked in science by guys that garnered C’s while in college. Ranchers initiating selective kills of wolves killing livestock/livelihood/food is one thing. Mismanaged numbers re elk and secrecy is quite another!


Wolves & Owls: Man’s Meddling

Wolves & Elk

“Idaho elk numbers have fallen from 125,000 to 103,000 since about 1997 to the dismay of hunters, professional big game outfitters and small businesses that depend on seasonal revenues from hunters. 

Habitat changes and heavy feeding by bears and cougars spurred the elk decline before wolves came on the scene, but state and federal wildlife research now links the continued drop in some areas to the increased activity of wolves, said Craig White, an Idaho Department of Fish and Game biologist in Boise. 

“What we found in the backcountry zones, we found wolves were the primary cause of mortality,” (more)


Owl vs. Owl

the Barred Owl

“Federal wildlife officials in charge of protecting the northern spotted owl will release today a long-awaited environmental impact statement that lays out alternatives for killing barred owls, a larger, more aggressive and more adaptive species that has displaced spotted owls through much of their range in Oregon, Washington and northern California.” (more) (Barred Owls)

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