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Fly Tying: Rainbow Emerger

I tied up just a few of these Rainbow Emergers some years ago. Tucked them away in a fly box and forgot about them. I originally tied a Central Oregon pattern called a Roxy Rainbow (partridge wrapped wing and tail, rainbow Krystal Flash strands wrapped for abdomen, peacock thorax, ribbing optional). I was first intro’d to the Roxy on East Lake (Oregon).

Roxy Rainbow SBx

Here, with the emerger, I used a Guinea feather for the tail and then wrapped in a (sloppy) abdomen of Rainbow Krystal Flash then made a couple wraps of grizzly hackle and overlaid the body and hackle with the remaining Guinea and tied it off. The intent was to fish this pattern in the upper strata of a lake as an emerger patterm. I believe it still has some merit and the abdomen could sport various colors of Krystal Flash/Tinsel.

rainbow emerger SB

Rainbow Emerger



Fly Fishing: Rising or Diving Caddis

LaFontaine Sparkle Pupa (SwittersB)

Caddis patterns are fun to fish because the take is often aggressive. Whether you are swinging a pupa pattern along bottom or swinging it up toward the surface, the takes are solid. Fish often leap out of the water on lakes in pursuit of emerging (escaping) Caddis. But, another consideration is female Caddis returning to the surface and diving down to lay eggs. This diving (sinking) presentation is less often considered, but has been successful for me on lakes. I have  seen feeding activity and mistaken it for feeding upon emerging adults. Rising or Diving, the Pupa like patterns are a good offering. Even a dry (Elk Hair Caddis/Hairwing patterns) pulled under can serve in a pinch with a bit of shot (if allowed) a foot or so above the fly, or with a sinking line, or a heavier bead head nymph above the Caddis pattern. Many of the Caddis Pupa/Bead Head Pupa patterns, one sees these days, will suffice for this presentation. Check Google Images (or Scroogle Images-less selection-if you are a rebel) for patterns and see the variety of tying options. Bright greens are attractive, as depicted here, but earth tones are always a good bet.

Bead Head Pupa (SwittersB)

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