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Fly Tying (Live a Little…Sloppy~Fuzzy is OK Sometimes)

A small piece of flashabou in the wing

Couple things to note: Now this is under the macro lens’ ability to capture details not very visible to the human eye….the starling feather has the nice, visible barbules; the Kudra The Cat dubbing is so buggy..both will assist in capturing air bubbles or disturbing the strata. The thread, I used was 8/0, but I sure didn’t contain the dubbing and feather material at the head did I? This the quandary when advising a beginner: strive to form a neat thread head. Too sloppy detracts, BUT…a little sloppy (unintentional here) may just add to the bugginess of some patterns. Some patterns (Atlantic Salmon Flies for example) are art forms and not meant to suggest a bug form. They necessarily require perfect, unbroken lines for the artistic requirements of humans, if not fish.


Kudra Kitty (source of silken fur)

This adorable cat, passed on 12/19/2011; a noble, magical cat for 15 years, she provided much love and comfort during hard times.  

A cat can have a blissful house bound life. Whiling away the day sleeping and grooming. For the most part without interruptions, their life is one of rest, regeneration, basking in sunlight that streams through the window and flows across the floor. Eating and sleeping and indifferently waiting for a lap to plop upon. I am a dog person, but cats offer begrudging affection and fur. The lightest and most wonderful underfur that is clean and wonderful to dub. Why not? Muskrat, Squirrel or Rabbit? Why not cat?    


Sunday tying

The ubiquitous GRHE (Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear) made from the mask of a rabbit/hare. I did not use rabbit for the tail, but rather hackle fibers. I am very allergic anymore to rabbit fur. Here, I used Kudra fur for the abdomen and rabbit for the thorax and pheasant tail for the wingcase.   


(Left) I have had great success with this black & grey basic nymph. It has worked for years in either lakes or rivers. The tail and hackle are black and the abdomen and thorax are grey Kudra fur. It is ribbed with copper wire.


This was suppose to be a Timberline Emerger and I infused more radical hairs for breathability and life. I used chickabou for the tail and Kudra fur for the abdomen, then hackle tips for the wing and crazy fibers for the thorax.



Kudra nymph


I was attempting to tie a Skip Nymph and you can see how many pheasant tail fibers I tied in at the tail, but they kind of disappeared  when tied down along the back. The abdomen is Kudra dubbing and the thorax rabbit dubbing. The ribbing is copper wire. The nymph is a little fatter than I had intended and in the future I will tie it more slender in the abdomen. Second go around, I tied it more slender:   



Kudra Nymph (CZ2)


One more attempt at this Cz style nymph; I messed up on the foil backing by pulling it too tight. Dubbing: Kudra dubbing mix, rib is copper wire, and thorax is insect green dubbing with legs made of spun black calf tail and trimmed. I am experimenting with hackle barbs, deer hair, dubbing for legs.     


Cz Nymph (Kudra)


Small version of Cz nymph using Kudra dubbing and rabbit thorax. Simple but effective. 


Kudra Nymph (Czech)

Two more Kudra nymphs (Czech Nymphs). Really trying to perfect photos and learning to compress pic for web page.  



On the top pattern you will note the fly is pretty chunky. That is because I used one of those Czech hooks with the banana shaped molded lead around the shank. It is a heavy hook…as the fly would drift downstream I believe it might ride upside down..point up. 

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