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Heron (Eagle’s) Nests….

I came upon this view of multiple nests high in the trees. The foliage has not yet fully evolved, so the nests were quite visible against the bright, grey sky. Also, visible were a few Eagles landing into the nests. I couldn’t get close (maybe a couple hundred yards) and I did not have the right lens. But, I snapped a few shots to show the scope of Eagle’s Heron’s nests. I do hope to return with a more powerful lens and find a way to be closer to the trees.  (Update: Comments suggest these are Heron nests as Eagles would not nest so close together….the Eagles in the trees might have been visiting the Heron habitat? That bottom pic does have the look of a Heron. This is what happens when a novice puts a few observation together…still fun)

Eagles Nests-Sauvie Island-SwittersB


Eagles Nests-Trees-Sauvie Island-SwittersB


Eagles Nests-Close Up-Trees-SwittersB


eagle perch-Sauvie Island-SwittersB




little gems…

morning dew glistens

slowing to notice small things

it’s in the details



Dining with a view…

red tailed hawk-birds-hawk-Oregon-photography-SwittersB

I barely know a robin from a hummingbird. I never quite have the right lens available and having but one camera, the swapping out of lens, in the moment, rarely affords me the chance to snap a shot of most birds. This morning, a red tailed hawk was dining on some unfortunate varmint atop this post. I pulled up expecting the immediate lift off. Instead the hawk tugged, pulled and gulped away. I still didn’t have the right lens with me, hence the noise from too much clarity/sharpening, but it was still interesting to watch until the bird dive bombed away from the top of the post.



Photography: Old, Anchored & Steady


Zoom…Zoom (The Cat’s Eye)

I don’t want to wear out Penny’s welcome, but I wanted to share this silly thing I noticed. Here are three versions of the one shot..the original, a cropped version and a zoom in shot to her right eye. Notice the reflection’s content. No biggy, just found it interesting….a mirror of sorts.

The white items are stacks of mail. I was several feet away from Penny when I snapped the shot. She had just licked her right paw and was lowering it while looking toward me. I stood just beyond the mail. Just my own curiosity here…nothing profound.


Photography: That Subtle Prelude to Fall

Yesterday, I was wandering about, with no purposeful intent. Not enough time to go up on the Sandy R. for Steelhead, too early for Silvers, I opted to take a short stroll down a path next to the South Shore Slough (Columbia R. watershed). Camera in hand, I took my time shuffling along looking.

A few rabbits scurried deeper into the brush. Birds chirped away. I was hoping to see a carp in the waters of the slough, but this was late Summer and the water was choked with a mat of weeds and algae save where canoes ply the water.

From this vantage point, and or when walking down to the water’s edge, I can often see carp cruising, holding, sipping. That is early Spring or in the Winter after the cold has done its work on the mat of muck. The East wind will tear through here soon enough and scour out the water’s surface. Visibility will return, and fishing would be possible.

That slightly changed angle of the sun, hints at seasonal change. Something is different. So subtle. The day is warm, but it looks Fallish. I am alone. Not another person through here. Signs of drinking, smoking, camping. All in all, not much garbage. Ducks work the mucky mat on the surface for bugs. I hear cars in the distance, but I feel alone.

Shooting into the late afternoon sun, the reed’s shadows are dark against the silvery mat of algae.

The vegetation is green on various shades of green and brown. Little contrasts with this save a few wildflowers scattered far and wide.

A rare splash of contrast, this wild little Sweet Pea. Grasping for sunlight, a few blooms made their way up and out of a patch of thistles.

I sat near the opening of this large pipe. Little water was flowing through it. The wind was steady and with a gust of wind, the water’s surface would rustle and send a shimmer across the top of the pipe’s ceiling…ever so subtle but I saw it. To sit and wait for the shimmer across the pipe’s ceiling was a good sign that I was in a quiet place and centered.

I walked back toward my rig. My pace was still slow, my awareness fresher and a few shots captured that I was pleased with. I am not fully prepared when out…this was a spontaneous stop, borne out of escaping. So, there is no tripod at hand or any assortment of lens to capture all that was around me. Yet, it was a good time wandering up a trail, near water with no rod in hand. 

Standing on a bridge, I saw this Blue Heron still as could be. I called out with some concocted call thinking maybe the neck and legs would extend. The bird sat motionless, a sentinel or a predator. I predator I think.


Fly Tying: Trailing CDC Suggests Life


The fuzzy abdomen and Starling hackle in their own ways suggest life and the silhouette of the emerging natural. I added the CDC but left portions to trail away. More suggestive of action and perhaps more enticing? The longer pieces of CDC may not be durable in the long run if fish maul the fly (does a trout maul its prey?). But, I am excited to try this more. 



Andrei Nikulinsky Macro Photography


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