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Salvation Mountain

We ventured forth to Salvation Mountain, just East of Niland, California off Hwy 111. Prior photo shoots and write ups on the mystical site had definitely piqued our interest. It seemed to be a probably interesting excursion. Well, actually it was more interesting than I had expected. Yes, there are the vivid colors and contours and biblical expressions. But, there were small rooms, I had never seen before as well as I got a real sense of the construction process. It made it all the more fascinating to glimpse the behind the scenes process and those that struggle to maintain the landmark.

Salvation Mountain-SwittersB-large view

Leonard Knight, the original visionary for the site, started the monument to salvation, redemption, something bigger than himself in 1985. He passed on in 2014 and it appears others are attempting to maintain the adobe/paint of the site. A cult following of sorts defends the site for the biblical concepts and for Knight’s individualism, his determination, his living in a remote area, his guru aura, his kindness. Regardless of why people come, it is a cool site and truly worth a visit. Look beyond your biases here. Many notable people have visited this site, realizing the spiritual intent and inner beauty. Now for some more images.

salvation mountain-car-SwittersB

salvation mountain-cracked wall-SwittersB
salvation mountain-ladder-repairs-SwittersB
salvation mountain-leaded glass window-SwittersB
salvation mountain-owls-love-SwittersB-love
salvation mountain-people-top-SwittersB
salvation mountain-room-SwittersB
salvation mountain-scoop shovel-SwittersB
salvation mountain-trailer-SwittersB
salvmtn 4
salvation mountain-SwittersB-sign


Salvation Mountain: Leonard Knight Passed On

I have been intrigued by Salvation Mountain for a photographic experience for quite a few years. After several trips to the region over the years, I have yet to make it there. It would have been most interesting to be there while the creator of the site was alive. But, Leonard Knight passed on this past month. There are so many unique photography opportunities near the Salton Sea. We may yet make it to this area for exploration and bunch of ‘OMG’ exclamations.

“If somebody gave me $100,000 a week to move somewhere and live in a mansion and be a big shot, I’d refuse it,” he said. “I want to be right here. It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

Leonard seemed to have his spiritual self dialed in and I am sure his spiritual self is still wafting about Salvation Mountain.

salvation mtn la times

L.A. Times Photo Archive


Salvation Mountain/Slab City on the map

Salvation Mountain from the air, Niland, California

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