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Static cling…

“I roamed the countryside searching for answers to things I did not understand. Why thunder lasts longer than that which causes it, and why immediately on its creation the lightning becomes visible to the eye while thunder requires time to travel. How” Leonardo de Vinci, 1488

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Nature: Lightning & Trees

lightning snag tree SBOn a recent outing, we noticed that few trees had survived not being struck by lightning. Here is an interesting few facts about a tree’s survival in lightning country and how historical trees might be preserved (read more)

“Many trees are severely injured internally or below- ground by lightning despite the absence of visible, external symptoms. Lightning or electrical current passes from the trunk of the tree through the roots and dissipates in the ground. Major root damage from electricity may cause the tree to decline and die without significant aboveground damage.”


The Lightning~Fly Rod Connection (retreat and sit it out)


In case of a thunderstorm, a cardinal rule called the 30/30 rule needs to be put into play at once. If the time between the lightning flash and its resulting thunder is 30 seconds or less (indicating that the thunderstorm is six miles or less away) safety measures to be discussed below should be instituted immediately as distant lightning strikes are a possibility. Resumption of activities should not take place until 30 minutes after the last flash. This is because the trailing storm clouds may still carry enough lingering charge to create lightning. Studies of lightning strikes show that most people are struck at the beginning and end of a storm.” (Part 2)


“And I felt like someone had just beat me and lit me on fire,” Christian Neal said. “I was paralyzed from the waist down. I couldn’t move my legs or my toes or anything else……..Immediately I realized my legs would not work, and it felt like they had been blown off. That was a pretty dark moment,….”

“Staff at the hospital told us, ‘We’re just going by trial and error,’ and that took me by surprise. I said, ‘Why?’ They said, ‘We just don’t treat very many lightning victims,'” Gabe Neal said.That’s because people hit by lightning usually don’t survive.”

I have done it and so have you. Lingered out on the water, especially a stillwater while the storm approached. No one esle out there, just you….the obsessive dumbshit, who cannot abandon the search. So, given the consequences, it is akin to driving with a blitzed BAC and assuming nothing will happen. Eventually, it will. I will retreat….you should retreat. You are not in your back yard…you are hours from medical assistance if the usual fly fisher.

“Gabe Neal, who makes fishing rods for a living, said he thinks his graphite rod served as a lightning rod. He thinks the lightning struck the rod first, instead of his son, and that may have saved his son’s life.” Don’t Count on It!!!


Volcanic Eruptions and Lightning

Volcanic Lightning, Mt. Redoubt, March 27, 2009

Volcanic Lightning, Mt. Redoubt, March 27, 2009

Volcano’s and Lightning

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