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Photography: Gradient Filters and Washed Out Photos

I try to be cognizant of the sun or bright sky when staging a shot. I admit to being in a hurry, rarely using a tripod and not adequately knowing my camera’s options/settings. Recently, I received advice (Wayne Mumford…Will Fish For Work) to experiment with a Gradient Filter. I have tweaked photos before with saturation settings, but never worked much with gradient filters. Below you see the original shot and then some tweaking. Not a great effort, but it shows how shots are manipulated beyond the original results.

desert shot bright

Original shot into the sun

Desert Shot.jpg

A first effort with a gradient filter

gradient filter desert shot JT.jpg

A second effort but there is that bright ‘halo’ appearance around objects.

I have much to learn with camera settings, time of day to shoot and developing a better eye. The Gradient Filter or Polarizing filter are enjoyable tools to experiment with. Yes, much room for improvement, but a learning experience for life, is it not?


Callibaetis Redux

Almost had it. Tried the pile of Callibaetis Nymphs on the coin again and the Callibaetis nymph alone. Slight improvements. 


Fly Tying: A Brace of Wets

I love the Starling feather for wrapping a wing on a small (16-22) wet fly. I tied up just a couple wets, as time allowed. It has been a hit and miss proposition of late. I usually start about now and tie in earnest into the Spring. The below flies are tied on a size 18 hook/14/0 thread.

I took some pics and that allowed me to continue my learning process with Lightroom 3. I maybe did a touch better, because of Wayne Mumford’s ~ WillFishForWork advice, so I need to be a bit more exacting on lighting, white balance, taking notes re settings and in the processing of the pic, staying consistent (not sure how to do presets, etc.)

The body material for the top two flies was from Kevin Compton at Performance Flies of Cleveland,  Ohio. Also, note the difference in the top two flies re a thorax to splay the Starling feather and no thorax. I used dyed peacock herl from Nature’s Spirit.

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