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old lumber…

way back someone’s dream

a vision of a future

that future long gone

old house-rural-Oregon-lumber-texture-SwittersB


Aging wood….

rough and weathered

facing the harsh wind and rain

a beauty shows through

bare wood-grain-sidin-SwittersB-photography-shed


Once upon a time….

weathered and ignored

an old building, someone’s dream

neglect and decay

rustic building-rural-boards-Oregon-SwittersB


On a windy bluff….

once upon a time

the saw blade marks still showing

pioneers built this

Oregon, The Dalles, Pioneer, cut lumber, trough, SwittersB


Sagging in the Middle

Sagging in the middle, seems to be the inevitable in life. Here an old garage had the walls constructed with tongue and groove, a staple of siding. Only the middle gave out. No doubt a foundation issue. Isn’t it always the foundations, the core in life, that gives out?

Sagging beams, sunken foundations, acceptance of decline, turning away from seemingly insurmountable decay. Only certain people possess the skills to fix, rebuild, repair, envision change, fix the foundations, return to the original intent.

rustic-photography-tongue and groove-sagging-construction-renovation-lumber-SwittersB


Rustic Shed: ‘May I Help You?’

old wood-hinge-rust-photography-SwittersB

I took a back route today just for a change of pace. I saw a rustic, old building and circled around to check it out. There had just been an officer involved shooting/fatality nearby (robbery suspect attacking with a crow bar met his demise) a few blocks from where I was.  I knew I might as well sit still for a bit until the area settled down. I got out to take photos a respectful distance from the shed and was intent on taking in the beautiful, old, weathered siding. 

photography-old shed door-SwittersB-Ivy

“May I help you?” I heard. I looked to see a none too shy woman approaching me. I explained that I was impressed with the shed and the rustic appearance. She was more concerned I was with ‘the city’ as they have been after her to tear down the structure for several years. It has no foundation and currently violates some such ordinance about being too close to the curb (there isn’t a curb). So, I assured her I was not an inspector or agent of the government and that I merely enjoyed the building.

Old Shed-SwittersB-Rustic-Photography


old wood-texture-lumber-SwittersB-Photography-rustic

The lady told me the structure was built by her father in 1938. The nearby house was built in 1908. She grew up in the house and eventually assumed control upon the passing of her parents. She wants to preserve the old shed out of nostalgia’s sake and has access closed off to stop intruders. Several times a year she cuts back the English Ivy from the shed and nearby Fir trees. I thanked her for the opportunity to take some photos.



Oregon’s Forests of Trees

My favorite...The Ponderosa Pine

Trees…everyone has an opinion about them. All agree they are beautiful in their varying varieties in Oregon. How they are managed and the impact upon watersheds and the livelihood of communities divide many. The Oregon Forest Resources Institute does a good job explaining the various forces at play. Of course, there are those that see OFRI as a green talking shill for the lumber producers. Maybe, but the site does provide some useful information about the trees themselves and that is interesting, all enviro lip flapping, hand wringing aside.

“Clearcutting, one of several harvest options, is a method in which most of the trees are removed and the forest is regener- ated by planting new trees. Not every location is suitable for clearcutting.


West of the Cascades, forest landowners often choose to clearcut because Douglas-fir seed- lings planted after harvest grow best in full sunlight. Oregon law requires that new trees be planted within two years after harvest, and that trees be left as buffers around streams and retained for wildlife habitat.


In more extreme climates, the forest canopy helps protect fragile seedlings from heat and frost, so clearcutting is less common. Trees are usually harvested individually or in small groups.”  OFRI

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