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Fly Tying: Goggles/No Goggles

I tied two flies, not identical but close enough, on a size 14 hook. Although the differences are not that apparent there are a few obvious differences (pattern on right): I rolled the tail, wrapped the abdomen with more gaps and generally did not see the mistakes as I tied. With the goggles (ok, magnification specs) I tended to see as I tied my mistakes and unwound more often. What I know/see is that I am tying slower. That is ok, as I don’t tie that many patterns at a sitting anymore (maybe 10 to 15 at a sitting, often less). Most of my patterns are trout patterns and simply easier to tie, even if on a much smaller hook.

Goggles on the Left....No Goggles on the Right

I am enjoying this new fly tying tool (magnification specs/goggles). I have enormous respect for those tiers that tie with such precision. I will be satisfied to improve the basic elements of my tying: proportions, cleaner starts and finishes and everything in between.


Fly Tying: March Brown Emerger & Goggles

I could utter the classic Patrolman’s refrain…”Move along folks; nothing to see here”. But, aside from the fly pattern, there actually (for me) is something to see….better. I picked up some MagEyes via The Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene, Oregon. Simple, not too fancy, but while using the 2X lens, I noticed immediate improvement in my tying. I have been limited, to an increasing degree, by my vision. I have always been a little slopppy (‘impressionistic tying, I call it) but when you look at the precision and tying discipline of many tiers, well you can only carry impressionistic so far.

So, although my imagination and shaky hand may not improve that much, I am hoping my balance and proportions may improve over time. In this particular pattern, I used the following materials:       I used a size 14 hook and black 14/0 Sheer thread. A root beer colored metal bead was slid on, followed by a tail from some Whiting hackle barbs ( a bit sparse perhaps). The abdomen was constructed  from a single strand of organe Uni-Flexx and a ribbing of ginger UTC Ultra Wire (BR). I dubbed in a few strands of Hareline, Ice Dub Peacock Black dubbing. I pulled the bead back against the dubbng ball and then tied in a Partidge feather by the tip and made one wrap (looks to be 3/4 of a turn, as kind of weak on the bottom). I tied off the hackle and built a thinner thread head than usual. Time will tell, but I think the new goggles will aid in me tying better flies. Geeze, if that isn’t painting my self into a corner. I kind of hate tying with Partridge…

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