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Fly Tying: Early Season Wet

March Brown Wet (SwittersB)

I tied the fly on a size 12 dry fly hook. A little large, but an attention grabber in troubled waters. I tied in a half dozen Zelon fibers for the tail and cut them to the length of the hook’s shank. The abdomen of the fly is not clear in the picture. It is a simple dark olive thread body (6/0). The dark olive thread is tied off and snipped and the red 6/0 thread was tied on and a thorax was dubbed with a hare’s mask and synthetic mix. The hare’s mask was olive and there was a bit of flash to the synthetic material blended in. The hen hackle is dyed dark olive. A couple turns of hackle (I tied this hackle in by the tip and wrapped it forward toward the eye and then tied off and snipped). The thread head was finished off. I would fish this simple pattern with confidence on stillwaters and upon the riffles of streams. It could be equally suitable with a slight color variation for Callibaetis as well.


Fly Tying: March Brown Flymph, Nymphs & Duns

March Brown Wet~SB

March Brown Waters

The above pattern is little more than a Pheasant Tail Nymph (normally a swimmer nymph), but it is a bit stouter and has no wingcase…the March Brown nymph is a clinger nymph (stout and flat to hold in the substrates). The Gold Ribbed Hares Ear in tan to dark tan is a good clinger nymph.

Yes, I know..most don’t nymph for the March Brown hatch. No, the early season rise to a dry is the preferred way for most fly fishers (preferred for most hatches).

March Brown Imago (Spinner)~

March Brown Sparkle Dun @ OFFB

March Brown Sparkle Dun at OFFB….Yes, this little number is it.

March Brown or Rhithrogena Morrisoni

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