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A few years ago, this Gold Ribbed, Bead Head Hare’s Ear Nymph was a ‘must have’ nymph pattern for the fly fisher. Today, for whatever reasons, it seems to be less prevalent. The creative, innovative fly tier, inundated with a huge amount of new tying materials, fell away from the tinsel, rabbit fur pattern. The only new addition here is the gold bead and some UV dubbing in the thorax with the rabbit fur guard hairs. Still a nice pattern for the stout clinger/crawler mayfly nymph patterns.


Fly Tying: Iantra’s Copper John Tutorial

The Copper John has surpassed, in some people’s assessments, the Gold Ribbed Hares Ear (GRHE) and the Pheasant Tail Nymph (PTN) as the most popular, worthy mayfly nymph imitation. The Bulgarian flyfishing site Iantra has a nice tutorial/SBS on tying the Copper John

Copper John Nymph @ Maine Fishing Today


Fly Tying: Skip Nymph (Over Dubbing)

The Skip Nymph (Skip Morris) is designed to show a contrasting bodied nymph of dark over light, much like the real nymph. I hadn’t tied this in a few years, so the initial efforts (3-6) usually are a fine tuning effort. The pictures show the over dubbing, misaligned ribbing as well as a better effort with peacock for the abdomen.

Would the above fly fish ok? Sure it would. A size 14 fly, even with tier’s imperfections, would fish just fine. But, I do possess a little bit of interest in some uniformity and appearance.


Mayfly Nymph~Emerger (Slovak Tying To Enjoy)



A nice looking mayfly emerger-nymph pattern.  A good beginner’s pattern and of course you could buy it via MF&PD Flies. If you should decide to tie it, the CDC hackle wraps should not be over done or dressed with any floatant.

Gold bead for head, black tying thread, hackle fiber tail, mylar, gold or silver ribbing, pheasant tail fibers wrapped for the body. A CDC plume tied in at tip and wrapped forward…tied off behind bead. Size hook could vary from a size 10 to a size 14 (you could go smaller by realistically the size of the CDC plume would dictate hook size because you do not want the individual CDC fibers to extend back beyond the bend of the hook. Check out the nice patterns at the Slovak site.


Hare’s Ear Nymph by Switters B (Bearded Hippie)

I tied this one in a more ‘impressionistic’ way (less exacting) for the stocky clinger/crawler nymphs that are rough on the edges and drink too many beers. Hare’s Mask was used in this instance rather than the pre-packaged hare’s ear dubbing. Consequently, it was a more aggressive pattern with guard hairs abounding. I have only tried these on freestone streams tumbling in and below riffles and rapids and have found them to be enticing morsels. This coming year, I want to remember (I don’t write lists, so we shall see if I do) to use this pattern while Czech Nymphing..up close and personal near an edge of a riffle or rapids. I only use the bead for weight and tie the pattern on a size 10 or 12 straight shank nymph hook. This is a classic Hare’s Ear pattern from the tail to the thorax….only from the mask.



I have a mental block re certain patterns and the two that I am prejudice against are two of the simplest to tie and both are truly highly effective: Hare’s Ear Nymph and Pheasant Tail Nymph. There is no logical explanation…kind of like being against blonds with big gazaba’s… I mean why? Yet despite myself I fish this pattern and the PTN. It frigging works….they work! Re the tinsel. That is what the standard pattern calls for. I use it..yet I have never liked working with tinsel and would prefer gold wire. The reason is evident by my wraps..uneven and inconsistent. You decide.  The thorax can be much less spikey and comprised of dubbing and less guard hairs. I like it spikey…a road trip without shaving.     

Hippy Hare's Ear by G. Muncy

Hippy Hare's Ear by G. Muncy


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