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Fly Fishing: Life Interruptus

I imagine every insidious (well not insidious, but invasive) hobby, or past time, has that pull; that pervasive pull on your mind, your equilibrium. I use to feel it about working out. Injuries have lessened it, but not wiped it out yet. Gardening is there as my connection to the soil, beginnings, nurturing and tending to endings.

Penny studies with me on how to catch fish. She seems equally fascinated with this passion. She likes the pictures a lot. SwittersB

But fly fishing and all the associated trappings is so a part of me that when I can’t fish or even tie, I do feel a withdrawal or craving that is so strong I can get testy. Wanderlust, skills performance, moving and planning, connection to the flows, observing for signs, tying to create to seduce. Take it away from me and I range from longing to severe withdrawal. Once there, getting ready, doing it…I am almost immediately at ease.

Life Interruptus: poor health, loved one’s needs, work, hard times or even other hobbies. You will know the worth of fly fishing et al, to you, doing it and once you are cut off. For me, fly fishing has deeply inserted itself into my sanity equation. It is a good thing….but, sometimes life does intrude. Have faith.

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