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a dark mystery…“sometimes I wish that this quest had not come to me. Justice is an impossible beast to track. The trail is lonely, and she offers no reward when she’s caught but the promise of another hunt.”    Courtney Milan, Unraveled






Ninnie the Cat: “He Said What?”

“Who are you going to believe? Me or some stuffed chew toy?” Ninnie the Cat


“I found it this way!”

Ninnie the Cat-Mr. Bubbles-ribbon-mischief-photography-SwittersB

Oddly, Penny the Cat is no where to be seen? The expressive eyes, the combination of the ribbon and Mr. Bubbles chew toy was priceless. And, Ninnie the Cat does not sit still for more than a few seconds making photos difficult of the always moving cat. Here, she sat still and just stared up.

Ninnie SwittersB


Photography: Hidden Gems Amongst the Mess…..

For several years, our life has been consumed by multiple challenges, particularly illnesses, passings and massive hoarding messes. These challenges in life have taught me that often amongst the chaos, the mess, there are little vignettes of beauty, of contrast that if only for a moment give one pause to savor something hiding amongst the mess.

Today, I purposely took my camera to one of our messes and at first centered on a mess here and there and then looked closer to see if I could find even one sign of something different and momentarily worthy of a photo. I found a few.

I will first share the larger mess image and then something within that is pleasant amongst the mess…a vignette image of something beautiful, funny…something that was of a better time, a more orderly time…something rustic…something peeking out from the untidy. Granted the hoarding messes are much more conquered now than they were, but it is that residual clutter that lingers. And, there today I found a few little vignettes. 

Part A

Mess 1

Part A 2

Mess 1, Vignette A

Part A 1 SB

Mess 1, Vignette B


Part B

Slight Mess 2

B Part 1 SB

Mess 2, Vignette A

Part B 2

Mess 2, Vignette B


Part C SB

Mess 3

C Fading Rose 1

Mess 3, Vignette A

Part C 2 SB

Mess 3, Vignette B


Part D SB

Mess 4

Part D 1

Mess 4, Vignette A

Part D 2 SB

Mess 4, Vignette B


Part G SB

Mess 5

Part G 1 SB

Mess 5, Vignette A


Part F SB

Mess 6

Part F 2 SB

Mess 6, Vignette A

Part F 3 SB

Mess 6, Vignette B

Part F 4 SB

Mess 6, Vignette C

Part F 1 SB

Mess 6, Vignette D


Part E

Mess 7

Part E 1

Mess 7, Vignette A

Part E 2 SB

Mess 7, Vignette B

Part E 3 SB

Mess 7, Vignette C


Mess 8

Mess 8

Part H 1

Mess 8, Vignette A

Part H 2 SB

Mess 8, Vignette B


Cottonwood Trees: It is that time again……..

when the black Cottonwood trees, in the wild land area behind our homes, start their month long snow fall of cotton that coats everything like a gauzy shroud. Just when the yard comes into shape comes the swirling, cottony mess…it started this weekend.


Soon the lawn and street will be white.


This morning’s coating begins as the morning warms up the seedlings fall.

Cottonwood Grass

Like drifting snow, the accumulations build up against edges and corners first.

I prefer the real snow…………I think


Fly Box: Signs of my true organizing skills

This is so indicative of my organizational skills. I organize the various flies, usually according to each type of bug: midges, damsels, dragons or wooly buggers etc and everything becomes a mishmash of choas by the end of a trip or season.

I think this happens because I carry ten fly boxes to my pontoon boat and put them in the side cargo pouch. I open the woolly bugger box and start with that. Well, impatiently I reach for the nymph box and select the nymph remove the woolly bugger and instead of putting it back in the bugger box it is ‘temporarily’ stuck in the nymph box and on it goes into organizational chaos….like my desktop at work….I know I must drive the anal types crazy when they walk by the open door and gaze upon the paper sprawl.

Such is the case should I show my flybox to someone in mid-puzzle solving mode on a lake or streamside…I have always been this way…I carry all that gear despite the obvious solution of stockiing one or two boxes from the many and at the end of the day replenishing the two boxes. Nope, just not in me….I have to have allllllll those boxes. I like it. I just am what I am.

On  recent trip to a far off South Pacific destination, I could only carry two fly boxes on me….oh the angst of making sure I had all I needed. I am sure my guide had never seen so many flies crammed into two boxes (actually, I am sure he probably has…”oh, another obsessive and overly prepared…ur is it disorganized” fly fisher)?

Pick one or two boxes and back fill at lunch, or after the evening hatch by lantern light or after the trip or end of the season.        

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