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Zug Bug Love: Peacock Love

ZugBug SwittersBMid Current Tutorial for Zug Bug Pattern here

Ah the magic of Peacock Herl. Zug Bugs, Renegades, Gray Hackle Peacock, Prince Nymphs, Pheasant Tail Nymphs…however you see an opportunity to incorporate Peacock into the Abdomen and/or Thorax of a pattern, give it a try. The Zug Bug is a simple but effective pattern from the 1930’s. You could mix up the bead & ribbing color combo’s (gold, brass, silver for flash). Of course, the original was not tied with a bead head (a more modern adaptation).

P Herl Fly Fishers Republic

Fly Fishers Republic Image


Fly Fishing’s Core Truth: You’re It!


Imperfections of Life (SB)


“Most of us still are fundamentally local in our fishing. We dream of the big trips, but we fish mostly near home, and it’s there that we are best qualified to identify the extraordinary anglers among us. We still enjoy reading, hearing about, and even meeting the renowned experts and celebrities. But for the purposes of our day-to­day fishing, they’re rather remote compared with the local guy who catches more fish than the rest of us, or who tells the best stories, or who in some other way achieves the quiet heroics that fly fishing has always had at its heart anyway.” Paul Schullery @ Midcurrent (Ages of Heroes)


Ban Fish Porn (waves v. dimples?)

“In the new Gray’s Sporting Journal, writer, consumer advocate and fly fisher Niki Christopher says about fish porn: “I don’t like it, and I question the taste of people who do.” Her article “The Money Shot” is worth reading if you think (like I do) that it’s a phrase that should be swept into the corner with scented flies and throbbing sound scores and other ideas that were unoriginal even before they hit fly fishing.” Midcurrent

I tried to find the piece by Ms. Christopher to see what the slant was on Fish Porn…couldn’t access it within GSJ. Is this a whack at the photo ‘money shots’ of say CatchMagazine or what? Seeing as how ‘taste’ is involved, it might be interesting to see if we have to break out the tweed or put away the nymphs. Perhaps the media-imagery barrage has over surged the psyche of those with a more ethereal bent?  I will be curious to find out.

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