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NW Fly Tying Expo 2011 Albany, Oregon (Observations)

I went yesterday, and I wish I could attend today as well. But, alas, not to be. My humble assessment of the show is that it was well managed and well attended. The usual tiers captured observers several deep and there was much to be gained. I have to say, this year, I slowed down and sat down. I know that is the intent. In years past, I spent more time visiting with acquaintances I ran into and buying stuff than sitting and gaining the available knowledge.

This year, I learned several ideas and walked away the better for it. Special thanks to Marlon Rampy, Skip Lynch (and his secret box), Jessica Sall, Ron Eagle Elk, Jim Ferguson, Robert Paxton and Carl Sanders to name but a few that provided their unique take on how to tie flies. I also noticed most tiers readily gave away their trout fly creations, unlike years past.

Speaking of buying stuff…there were assorted vendors there. I bought some of the discounted materials for sure, and visited every booth, but the two booths that capture my attention are Steve Korbay @ Fly Tying Specialties and a combo team out of Medford with Mike Barnum & Dan Kellogg. They combine their efforts at Tyers Tool Shop.

Steve Korbay of Fly Tying Specialties (SwittersB)

Steve Korbay, the owner of Fly Tying Specialties has positively unique materials focused around the Czech Nymph concept, but transferable to all manner of nymph/pupa patterns. Unique, exciting products for the tier. I seriously bust the allowance visiting Steve’s booth. Check them out on line if you can’t meet them at a show. I believe Steve is headed to Idaho Falls next.

I also stopped by Mike Barnum’s table of unique tying tools hand crafted by Mike. Last year, I did the same. I took pictures to highlight the emerging business and got home only to realize I had neglected to put the card in the camera! This year, I was determined to redeem myself. I think Mike thought I was a bit obsessive in my intent to capture a shot this time.

Mike Barnum (Barnum’s Machine Shop, 1684 Spring Street, Medford, Oregon 1-541-772-5315) has created some nifty little tools. They are unique in design, hand crafted and nice. Expensive? Well, comparatively I spose. But, you are buying these tools as a special treat, as I did. Mike makes nice tools and his vise is amazing.

Mike’s partner, of sorts, Dan Kellogg of the Tyers Tool Shop, also creates a fine collection of tying accessories that are well designed and worth a try.  Great show, great time, great company!


NW Fly Tying Expo (Albany, Oregon….One Day Left)

Dropped in at the NW Fly Tying Expo in Albany, Oregon today. One day remains..Saturday, March 13, 2010. The show has steadily grown. The show is a nice Spring time boost of spirits and a good learning format for fly tying. Today there was a nice balance of tyers, featuring trout, steelhead and the more artistic Atlantic Salmon patterns.

I saw my favorite fly tying materials vendor, Fly Tying Specialties out of Petaluma, California at the show and acquired a selection of materials I have not seen available at any fly shops. The materials seem centered around the Czech Nymph, but the materials can be used for all manner of fly patterns.

Also, I came across two men, Mike Barnum and Dan Kellogg out of Medford, Oregon. They are starting to establish a business ventures called Tyers Tool Shop. Mike Kellogg has developed nice looking tying stations and Mike Barnum has machined classy fly tying tools.

A portent of things to follow came today as I arrived at the Expo. My camera battery was dead. No problem, I would snap photo’s with my new crackberry. Well, I took pics of Barnum, Kellogg and their craftsmanship and where those pics went, hell if I know. Disappointingly, I write this piece with no pics and I told Mike & Mike that I would create a nice piece highlighting their work.

Their website is in development, but will be active. They can be reached at  Tyers Tool Shop, 403 Picadilly Circle, Medford, Oregon, 97504 (541) 210-0949 or Barnum’s Machine Shop, 1684 Spring Street, Medford, Oregon 97504, (541) 772-5315.

Mike Barnum told me, he and Dan Kellogg have been ‘operating out of a shirt pocket’. Having full time careers while trying to develop and market a dream project is admirable. All the piss poor photographer can say is they had quality tying stations and fly tying tools. If you hit the show tomorrow in Albany, Oregon look them up and support their first marketing effort.  Mike and Mike…sorry about the pictures.

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