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Live Now…..Tempus Fugit

“A doctor to whom I occasionally talk suggest that I have made an inadequate adjustment to aging. Wrong, I want to say.  In fact I have made no adjustment whatsoever to aging.  In fact I had lived my entire life to date without seriously believing that I would age.”  Joan Didion (Blue Nights)

“We have enough youth. How about a fountain of smart?” (Unknown)

Tempus Fugit…time flies…how much we are caught up in seeking youth, fitness, mental harmony, peace of mind, forgiveness. All well in good, but as we try to transform ourselves and get caught up in those processes, time flies ever faster. Life can pass us by as we work too hard, stress too hard, attempt to transform ourselves too hard. From the fountain of truth: forget the youth…live everyday as if it’s your last, because you will surely come to realize that years have flown by as you tinkered or toiled away at some nebulous otherly you. 



Melancholia…A Little Dab Will Do You, But No More

“If you say you can or you can’t you are right either way”  Henry Ford

“Trust me. If you do not decide where you are heading, and refuse to take action, you will end up being shaped into what others would have you become. Then any change will not be made for your benefit but for theirs.”  Chris Murray

Yes, so often the sing song, positive attitude mantras of sunshine guru’s is cloying and like too much sugar. However, the seemingly down to earth wisdom, perched on the bed rock of melancholia and cynicism can, if we’re not careful develop from a few wisps to a storm front that clouds our spirit, our growth, our ability to be happy in the moment. It can become a habit to run about doubting, faulting, caught up in our fragile mind and body. Momento Mori should lead one toward making the most of the day. Right? 

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A State of Mind, A State of Being………..

From the Daily Mail/UK: 12 y/o Athena Orchard recently died from a cancerous tumor on her spine. After her death, the parents were tidying her room and moved a mirror leaning against the wall. On the back of the mirror they found a long list of positive phrases the young girl had posted to the backing of the mirror. 

A young girl, fighting or enduring cancer, the mind struggles and seeks positive input. She kept this secret for a later discovery for those left behind? Also, for her own passage through that ordeal? Today, for us? A state of mind, day by day, to make a choice about life, and perhaps death.

athena orchard's mirror


Psychology of Colors

photography--pink flowers-gardening-SwittersBPsychology of Colors

“Red is the color of energy. It’s associated with movement and excitement. People surrounded by red find their heart beating a little faster and often report feeling a bit out of breath”

I need to wear more red shirts, or perhaps green.

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Imagination, Pretending, Remembering……….


Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.Terry Pratchett

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it. ” J.M. Barrie 

“Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” Jonathan Swift

“Use your imagination only on the future, never on the present or the past.”  Adam Johnson

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