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Don’t Hate or “Can’t We All Just Get Along”

Dont hate

Saw this decal/logo first @ Moldy Chum (fly fishing’s fun, provocative, bad boy, snarky side) and followed to the source at Nature Boy Designs. Truly reflective of our society today: having much in common, fly fishermen often turn upon each other in righteous indignation (purists vs. non-purists) or for you non-fly fishers it is a pure presentation of the fly to the fish vs. imitating non-insect forms (worms) or bugs beneath a “bobber” affair or strike indicator.

I know, I know you have to be more into it to get it. Suffice to say the contempt and resentment leads to borderline ‘hate’ so this decal is a reminder to fly fishers and people alike to break the cycle of hate. Break the cycle lead by those that marginalize, demonize, isolate, condemn. Recognize when your own righteous side uses the same tactics and call it out. Truth and commonality should prevail.


Selenium, Trout & Two Heads Are Not Better Than One

Studies Wanting re Selenium and Trout (and other species)

Two Headed Trout Problems and Alleged Poor Research


Fly Fishing: Screeeech and Beseech!

“Maybe I am a purist but during the Mayfly period when fish are rising there is no need to use a nymph. I feel that the etiquette of the sport is being lost. Or is it that manners are being lost everywhere. Chalk Stream Arrogance

The problem with fly-fishing, he says, is the arrogance of the old guard. Newcomers to fly-fishing, he contends, “try to learn, and they run into some arrogant, snotty guy on the water who thinks they’re idiots because they can’t roll cast or because they’re just starting out…. Sancoucy’s Web site,, addresses the issue: “This is a rebuke to you arrogant, stuck-up anglers,” it says. “Get over yourself [and] stop pushing people away from the same thing you claim to love for the sake of your own pride.”   Fly-fishing is easy and inexpensive, but the fly-fishing establishment complicates the learning process, Sansoucy says.  HushFishing

“Next question: what would fly-fishing mean to you if there wasn’t a massive load of bullshit attached to it? The answer is probably that it would be a lot less colorful, and everyone would be playing croquet instead.” Michael Gracie

“We look at fishing different than a lot of people. It isn’t about being on the river, or having a nice day, the beauty of the fish. None of that. We are about catching the most and biggest fish possible on any given day. Anyone who tells you that it isn’t about catching fish can’t catch them.” Moldy Chum

In no particular order, the above displays (read the entire posts) what is so annoying about reading and writing about the sport and why it is sooo important to just escape and do it. Oh, MG does turn a nice set of phrases.

On another issue:

>>Forum Frenzy: to share; to savage; to circle; to nip; to tear; to pile on; to spew; to stomp

A slightly different phenomenon: the fly fishing forum; it is the best way to capture the essence of us v. them; my dick is bigger than your dick; and I don’t have a dick; you can’t play with us. Don’t bother. Beyond a couple B.C. forums, which provide legitimate, courteous information, the rest are a cancer. If you want to recommend a good one that disputes that, feel free. (my view is narrow, parochial, NW US) My, look how easy it is…I am screeching and beseeching too.


Fly Shops Beware (THIEF CAUGHT!)

Fly Shops Fish For Thief

Denver Metro Fly Fishing Shops Targeted By Serial Robber

“A man posing as a customer told them his mother was on the way to the shop and the two of them planned to buy a present for his father.Long and the man went outside to try out a rod.”He could talk the talk and cast the cast,” said Long. Then, Long said, the man asked to see another rod. When Long brought it out, the “customer” and the $620 rod were nowhere to be found.

Hindsight…yes, yes. Some one is passing along some sweet deals on line.

GuysFliesPies advised me that Moldy Chum~America’s Most Wanted (no offense Mr. Barton) is already on the case!  Only for the sake of clarity, from another life, ‘robberies’ is incorrect. A robbery requires a use of force to commit a theft. Unless there was a tussle or weapon displayed in the parking lot over a 5wt. these are probably Aggravated Felony Theft….that aside, the appropriate penalty is: tie him to an Aspen sans pants, coat his tenates in some bear bait and …………..   What? Oh? Well perhaps some form of rehab is in order.

“The result? DPD gumshoes caught their man red-handed while trying to sell his ill-gotten wares at a Lakewood pawn shop.  Little Denver Barneys can now go to sleep at night without nightmares of waking up to a vanished Sage reel.”


Salmon Tattoo (Rob Vitek’s Live Free Canvas)

Rob Vitek's Canvas

Rob Vitek's Canvas

Found this at the ubiquitous Moldy Chum. Considering almost every fly angler or angler in the world probably visits Moldy Chum, why repeat the message? I do wonder how many hits a day they have….must be extraordinary…but, I love the fish tat’s and much like Fishing Fury, like to re-express the art form…I mean if there can be 3200 different re-do’s of Cheney’s sunglass lens, then I can show Mr. Vitek’s beautiful canvas….and for me…the ‘Live Free’ piece is especially apropos now….


The Hatch, The Emergence (Moldy Chum shows why it is the Best FF site!!)

Moldy Chum is worthy of an in depth story as to its’ origins and how it functions. I am forever impressed with the breadth of topics, originality and balance. It is an extraordinary site and has something for all flyfishers.

This video clip of emerging insects is great! Takes time to load, but it is great to watch.


Trout Art (Manifest Beauty~AD Maddox)

Trout Chasing Nymph~GMuncy

Trout Chasing Nymph~GMuncy

For all the vast quantity of new age energy and fun at Moldy Chum, there is also a bit of refinement. The art work of AD Maddox is wonderful and I suggest you take a few moments away from your pursuit of patterns and techniques to look over her work. Beautiful!

In addition, you should have Moldy Chum as one of your go to sites for pure entertainment or balanced coverage on a myriad of topics related to the outdoors and flyfishing.    

Trout~AD Maddox (Moldy Chum Art)

Trout~AD Maddox (Moldy Chum Art)



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