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Moles, Mounds & Not Again!

Today has dawned bright and the morning air was abnormally warm. Today it is suppose to rise to 55 degrees. When I should be swinging a fly for Winter steelhead or over east perusing a trout stream, I was instead contemplating my yard.

As you may recall, I had a medium size tree blow over awhile back. Each day I have stared at it and thought ‘you need to get out there and clean that up’. The cold weather had been my excuse until this morning. So, I ventured out back with a small chainsaw and observed not only the tree but the handy work of a damn mole!

Mole Mounds SB

Several dozen mounds now dot my yard with extensive tunneling everywhere.


There was no end to the expletives I uttered when this device grabbed my hand (don’t dare say I deserved it!). I shy away from this type and the other dagger types as well. No poisons, carbon monoxide (they tolerate that), smoke or shotguns. Just the commitment to spend a few mornings watching for the earth moving….geeze I like to sleep in though lately.

Years ago, when my yard was truly pristine and well maintained, I met the challenge of the mole. He/she repeatedly tunneled and mounded their way around my yard and each morning, early, I would be out there with sharp shovel and as I waited, eventually the lawn’s surface would move, and move again, upward. With stealth I would approach and lance the little bastard until finally they moved on. For years there were no signs of moles. Until this Winter. Now my front, side and back yard looks terrible with ridges and dips and mounds the indications of the pesky mole’s return.

As may also recall from my recent bout with the Sapsucker, I don’t take kindly to obnoxious, vandals. No, I don’t give a darn about making room for them. Go to the neighbor and share their trees and lawn. So, I see where part of my spring is headed. Before you suggest a mole trap…I recall setting one and having it close up my fingers! 

On a more pleasant, soothing note my spring creek in the back yard is rolling along  nicely, headed eventually into the Columbia R. It was pleasant to watch and was a nice way to finish my outdoor chores. It did remind me of the obvious: I must wet a line soon!

Spring Sign Wheel SB 


Moles & Malignant Melanoma

Today at work, I noticed a young lady was wearing one of those support boots one wears after surgeries or sports injuries. I asked the usual ‘what happened to you?’ She hesitated, then offered an interesting story with flags for us all…she was bitten by a hobo spider on the ankle. Her leg swelled up and she headed to the ER. The ER doc looked at the bite and was concerned, but when he looked at the mole on her ankle, he was more than concerned. This young lady had noticed that odd mole on her left ankle for some time and was a bit annoyed with the occasional itch. A followup to a skin doc and tests confirmed the suspicions of the alert ER doc: a malignant melanoma. Invasive surgery resulted and so far they do not believe there was any permanent nerve damage or cancer. Time and rehab will tell.

A young (27 y/o) lady, not a sun worshipper, developed a mole on her ankle and but for a spider bite probably would not have received the immediate attention and successful intervention. Visit a skin doctor re any suspicious moles or skin oddities.

‘Malignant melanomas take the lives of more than 8,000 Americans a year, or about 13.5 percent of the people diagnosed with the disease, the Skin Cancer Foundation reports. Other forms of skin cancer are rarely fatal, although squamous-cell carcinoma can metastasize and result in death. But the situation isn’t bleak. If detected early, 99 percent of all skin cancers are curable.’ Skin Cancer

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