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Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Montauk, UFO’s…….

It is the weekend, most of you are out fishing. We are on a train headed for Seattle. So, I thought I would provide a few details about at NW favorite: Bigfoot or Sasquatch. I take no position on any of it. Fakers and fraud abound, but that is a side show to what could be out there. Or so they say. These two sites are interesting to peruse and consider, if you spend much time deep in the woods of the NW (Oregon Bigfoot).

Does Bigfoot/Sasquatch rank as funky dementia say like the Montauk Creature of UFO/Alien abductions? Just some light fun to pass the time and shake your head..up/down or sideways?


Odd Happenings: Chupacabra Sighting~Texas

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So, what is this new alien critter, the chupacabra? Where do these mutant creatures come from? First Montauk and for the past few years the Chupacabra. So, where does a DNA marker come from to compare to the new critter; to a ‘chupacabra’? So, where do these inbred critters originate from? Some backwoods carny worker’s dumped spawn  from the Bayou? Could be just some inbred chihuahua  with a albino rat dog on steroids. No offense to backwoods carny workers from the Bayou.


Fly Tying: Giant Isopod (Bathynomus Giganteus) Pattern (Super Scud)

Up from the depths of the Pacific and the Atlantic, this two + foot long creature looks like a super sized nymph. Called Bathynomus Giganteus, the creature was recently discovered on top after it attached itself to a submarine craft at 8500 feet! in the Gulf of Mexico near an oil rig and took the ride to the surface. Looks like a giant scud. Called horrifying, scary, monster….I will just call it a fascinating creature amongst all the marvels of the deep.

Bathynomus Giganteus

The little dude is carnivorous, feasting away on whales, sharks, squids on the ocean’s floor. Looks more like a sea creature than ol’ Montauk Monty.

Bathynomus Giganteus

Bathynomus Giganteus

Crank up the crab pot! Apparently they are somehow harvested enough to be consumed in Taiwan.


Xenophilia (for the freakish and interesting)


Naughty Digits-Xenophilia

Naughty Digits-Xenophilia

Xenophilia’s Odd Finger Fixation…well not so odd


Fly Fishing Visitors to swittersb’s blog (please tell me where you’re from)

SwittersB~Christmas Is. 2007

SwittersB~Christmas Is. 2007


I recently tried installing a mapping tool on my side bar and found even a few hours input fascinating. However, the widget skewed my right side and had to remove the mapping device. So, if you come across this baited post, would you mind dropping a comment to me so I can see where my visitors come from and one thing you are most interested in and would like to see more of…??

Here is a small two hour window of visitor employing the mapping tool and their locations I noted and enjoyed receiving… I would appreciate any feedback.


Portland, OR, United States  
Miami, FL, United States  
Saginaw, MI, United States  
Lawrence, MA, United States  
San Ramon, CA, United States  
Smyrna, GA, United States  
Chevy Chase, MD, United States  
Ft Mitchell, KY, United States  
Bozeman, MT, United States  
Mount Ephraim, NJ, United States  
Adelaide, Australia  
Eatonton, GA, United States  
Spicewood, TX, United States  
Niagara Falls, ON, Canada  
, , United States  
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Glyndon, MN, United States  
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Quebec, QC, Canada  
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Las Vegas, NV, United States  
Melbourne, Australia



Bigfoot Hoax Done! Enough! (Update) 8/21/08; 0630 PDT

Bigfoot Found in Georgia (Dead)

Bigfoot Found in Georgia (Dead)

 ENOUGH ALERT! Done…over…close this door…forget it…screw ’em

“Phone calls to Whitton and Dyer went unreturned on Tuesday (8/19/2008).

But the voicemail recording for their Bigfoot Tip Line — which proclaims they search for leprechauns and the Loch Ness monster — has been updated and announcing they’re also in search of “big cats and dinosaurs. If you see any of those, give us a call.”

On Tuesday, Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner said he has not spoken to Whitton but processed paperwork to fire him.”

PETA Chases Bigfoot HOAXER’s in N. Georgia woods!!! 

Beat Them, Flog Them, Put Them In Chains and Humiliate Them! Put them naked in the North Georgia woods to be chased by PETA (no ethical treatment for them!!!!). OK enough already.,2933,406101,00.html (HOAX!)

Goofball Alert! Goofball Alert! I am as interested in how this going play out if they are the suspected scammers, as I am if it is real. How does one extricate oneself and ever walk the streets….short term memory of folks, I spose. We forgive far worse or forget. 

‘Bigfoot’ press conference reveals possum DNA a mix of species.

“Of three samples in a preliminary DNA test, one came back inconclusive, one contained traces of human DNA and one had traces of opossum DNA — probably from something the creature ate, they said.”

“They didn’t produce a body — that’s in a hidden location, they said, after being moved from a freezer that broke down a couple of times. They also wouldn’t say exactly where they found the creature, and where they claimed they saw a band of others watching them. And they won’t let anyone but their own hand-picked scientists examine the body.”

“An autopsy on the animal is in the works, they said. Scientists are about to get involved, but one is on vacation until Monday and two others from Russia have yet to arrive, they said.”

“This is as real as you’re standing right where you are, sir,” Biscardi said. (press conference)  ‘They have footage of other Bigfoot creatures at location of find.’ (not released yet);_ylt=AoHu3.s1zQ553HCxlmD5qOyzvtEF   (8/15/08, 1500 PDT)

August 15, 2008 (News conference strings along the duped? Little learned on Friday, the 15th.; quickly getting into the ‘who cares’ arena. They better nail this down with some form of confirmation sooner than later.,2933,404805,00.html



Wednesday, August 13, 2008 

Only because we are outdoors more than most people (excluding those that work for a living), I had to share. Now the fact that it was found in Georgia (U.S.) and that the two guys are Corrections Officers on leave w/ a bigfoot tour company, is an odd cocktail of karma. But, if conceivably true, I wish it could have been found in the North Cascades or B.C. or Indian Heaven or Eagle Cap. Georgia? Hmmmm? Well, we shall see. Allegedly, DNA samples taken and awaitng lab results. Of course, it is not true.

“DNA tests to be conducted”; “A body that may very well be the body of the creature commonly known as “Bigfoot” has been found in the woods in northern Georgia.” Bigfoot Researcher Tom Biscardi from California verifies the find; says he personally drew tissue samples. First the Montauk Sea Monster (it disappeared) but the Bigfoot is somewhere in Georgia. Hmmm? Will it be available at press time on Friday?  

Saw interview of Biscardi. The guys with the find allowed it to defrost, so not on ice for awhile. Moved to undisclosed location for security reasons, pending lab results and press conference. I hope that old man from Montauk does not hunt these guys down and take the creature for another wall mount (Montauk Sea Creature disappeared).


Montauk Sea Creature (Movie Scam Alert; Object of Art? Another one?? A Norse Funeral? 6/5/09)

Montauk Sea Creature

Montauk STube ea Creature

Bozo’s Abound: Norse Funeral for Racoon a supposed explanation for first Montauk creature…not sure about the second Monty. Phewy BS! Anon. BS….

Update 11/7/2008:  This story appears to get continued hits, so in a query to see if anything new out there to prompt your enquiries, I came upon this site…a site for those interested in the New England phenomenon of unexplained and explained critters

Update 8/18/08: Possible scam alert!

I have not posted much about this fascinating ‘it’.  Not sure. I include this because I admired how defiant the sea creature was in the end. photoshopped or real? Not sure.

Probably some animal research facility disposed of this. I no sooner made light of that scenario than goof ball Sara of Beastie Weenie popped up with the popcorn fart thought  of the day.

You Just Don't Need To Make This Mierda Up

You Just Don’t Need To Make This Mierda Up

“I really hope its a dinosaur, but more then likely its some kind of muntant.
What I do know is there IS an animal testing site nearby, Plum Island, where they research animal/agricultural diseases. However its been rumoured to also be a facility for germ warfare.
Have you ever heard of the Montauk Project? The hidden bunkers where they supposedly did phycological warfare research. Something to think about… “

(Sara knows this is related to animal research facility nearby)

News Alert!!!!! (8/6/2008, 0700 PDST):

Montauk Sea Creature sans fig leaf~sorry

Montauk Sea Creature sans fig leaf~sorry

Update 3/22/09: “Alexis Rockman, a contemporary New York artist whose grand, mural-like paintings often focus on the natural world, has a new show at Nye Haus, open through April 18. The show includes a ten-foot painting in which the Montauk monster — that hairless, gnarled, toothy creature that washed up on a Montauk beach last summer — lies surrounded by detritus like Pepsi bottles and pieces of plastic.”

The legend of Monty continues…”     Where is Plum Island and What do they do there?
Plum Island Animal Research Center

Plum Island Animal Research Center

Ah, even the evil Bush Admininstration has a hand in Plum Island. Of course, so has every other president for several decades. Maybe Sara Martin at Beastie Weenie was onto something.
(5/16/09) Need more info about Plum Island. Odd no push from msm to overcome the ‘no comment’s….
Representatives from Plum Island could not be reached for comment. But last year, Plum Island Director Larry Barrett denied any link between the first Montauk Monster and the Homeland Security-run facility: “I can state categorically that it is not associated with the work performed at Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC). PIADC serves as the Nation’s first line of defense against foreign animal diseases of livestock by identifying such diseases through diagnostic testing and by developing vaccines to protect livestock from those diseases.“
So, is Nicky Papers actually sitting on (yuck!) the newest find (nope, guess couple are sitting on this mess)? If true, (remember the Georgia Bigfoot Fiasco), then the photos/video will we interesting….wonder how they loaded and iced that  stinking mass of rot? Much like they do that with a human…been there-done that.
Plum Island Animal Disease Center

Plum Island Animal Disease Center

“We’re proud of our role as America’s first line of defense against foreign animal diseases.

We’re equally proud of our safety record. Not once in our nearly 50 years of operation has an animal pathogen escaped from the island.”

“In 2003 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) joined us on the island, taking responsibility for the safety and security of the facility.”  (That crititcal huh?) Promote your blogs and explore others.

The Panama Creature (if real) appears less given to normal identification or linking to a typical land based animal (Montauk=Racoon; not that I lind Monty to a Racoon). “Zoologists in Panama said they’re not sure what the creature is, but said it resembles a dead fetus.”

“As soon as video of the monstrous creature was released, speculations began swirling. People said it was everything from an alien to a monster and an albino hairless sloth. There has been no word on whether investigators will perform a DNA test on the creature to determine what exactly it is.”

Video in Espanol gives some idea of size and shape of Panama Creature.


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