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Odd Happenings: Chupacabra Sighting~Texas

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So, what is this new alien critter, the chupacabra? Where do these mutant creatures come from? First Montauk and for the past few years the Chupacabra. So, where does a DNA marker come from to compare to the new critter; to a ‘chupacabra’? So, where do these inbred critters originate from? Some backwoods carny worker’s dumped spawn  from the Bayou? Could be just some inbred chihuahua  with a albino rat dog on steroids. No offense to backwoods carny workers from the Bayou.


World Cup: Paul’s Octomazing Prognostications

Paul the Prognosticating Octopus

“The generous genius predicted that Germany will conquer Uruguay in the tournament’s third-place game on Saturday, and he picked Spain over the Netherlands in the final on Sunday — the first non-German game the majestic mollusk has ever predicted.”  HuffPo Mo Paul is reportedly unphased by death threats.


Tour de France 100 Years

I have suffered through the World Cup craze. Now I will enjoy an even less popular event, Le Tour de France. Don’t know why…I love the stages through the Pyrenees & Alps. It is all good in my book. I don’t watch it all but enough to appreciate the risks, guts, strength and daring of the riders. Beautiful photography via helicopter too


BP Oil (The Villain & Your Focus)

I have noticed the eco frenzy and indignation amongst FF bloggers toward BP Oil. With good reason for sure. Without question for sure. But, your gaze and indignation should be broadened. You are falling prey to the usual misdirection shell game. The bugaboos of Big Oil, Big Banking etc. become your focus. What about your indignation, as well, for Obama, Petrobras, George Soros, Hess Oil, the Minerals Management Service and $10 Billion U.S. dollars pledged to help finance deep water drilling off Brazil? Criminality and collusion goes far beyond the BP Oil conglomerate and into the Green movement and the same financiers behind both scenes. Just a suggestion….follow the money. This is way bigger than BP Oil. Even Ted Williams should be capable of connecting the dots here. Oh no, he’s probably still writing about Cheney.


Mt. St. Helens (360º Sweeping View)

Mount St. Helens Panoramic View

Hold the arrow down (lower left corner) and sweep the view in either direction


Fly Fishing: Carp & Waterfowl Don’t Mix (Malheur Lake)

Came upon this h/t  Trout Underground re Carp in Malheur Lake: “Carp are native to Europe and Asia and were artificially introduced into the Silvies River in about 1920, probably to keep nearby irrigation canals open on the premise that carp would eat aquatic plants and algae, Beck said.

Their numbers in Malheur Lake — which averages 18 inches deep — verges on the unbelievable. Biologists estimate 1.5 million carp inhabit the lake….”


Historic data of Rotenone treatments of carp at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge:
1957: 1.5 million carp killed in Malheur Lake and nearby Boca Lakes
1959: 58,000 carp killed in Blitzen River and Sodhouse Pond
1960: 400,000 carp killed in Malheur Lake and Blitzen River
1961: 150,000 carp killed in Malheur Lake and Blitzen River
1968: 240,000 carp killed throughout refuge
1969: Blitzen River treated with rotenone, number of carp killed unknown
1977: Unknown thousands killed in Malheur Lake and 50,000 killed in Blitzen River
1992: 100,000 killed in Blitzen River and Sodhouse Pond


Fly Fishing: Small Waterproof digitals

I have used a Pentax Optio W60 and my son has had success with the W30. There are several other waterproof digital cameras out there that are, I am sure, comparable. They are small and easily tucked in out of the way. I have not experimented with the underwater capacity that much….the most hyped feature. I am equally sold on the camera’s capacity to endure in wet, winter days and heavy rains. Take the time to experiment during down, slow times with the video components, the macro capabilities, the zoom quality. The cameras are not full proof so a little experimenting will better prepare you to cruise through the settings to the necessary setting for that special moment. Several of these cameras (Optio W80, Olympus, Fuji WP) are owned by friends and they are all reasonably satisfied. Not that I need it, but I like the looks of the new Pentax W90.

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