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Sturgeon: Another Anadromous Fish

Salmon and Steelhead often dominate the discussion of ocean going fish and habitat considerations inland. That other pre-historic like creature fits into that ocean going circle also..the sturgeon. There are several dozen species of sturgeon around the world. The Western U.S. has these behemoths in several rivers. I recall standing gazing down on the Snake River near Hells Canyon dam at first light. The amazing sight of a giant sturgeon leaping from the water and landing on its’ side broke the morning silence. Dare I say, sturgeon tastes amazing!

Green Sturgeon Range

Sturgeon Restoration Projects, Pacific NW



Climate Models & Cutt’s

I glaze over any more with the mish mash of models, ‘mights’, ‘maybe’s’, ‘could’s’ and I am skeptic, yes I use that word..skeptic, over the agenda’s of a few climate change advocates or the pre-conceived outcomes many studies show. This Western study has some typical model suggestions and vagueness, but it  ultimately leans heavy upon habitat enhancements as the only probable salvation for Western trout. The in your face man made infringements upon the water and edges of the waters is most critical at all times. Floods, volcanoes, run off, droughts….’maybe’. Improved models? Really? 


Cutthroat Trout


Manhole Art, Eugene, Oregon

I stepped from my rig on E. 13th Street in Eugene, Oregon. I looked down and found a pretty nice discovery. I found it to be creative by whomever envisioned or designed it. I wonder if there are a variety of these beautiful manhole covers by East Jordan Iron Works in Eugene and elsewhere?

Eugene, Oregon on E. 13th Street

“East Jordan Iron Works, Inc. has been a part of the East Jordan, Michigan, community for over 125 years.  William E. Malpass and his father-in-law, Richard W. Round, established the foundry November 8, 1883, to service the area’s booming lumber industry.  At the time, the foundry produced castings for machine parts, ship parts, agricultural uses, and eventually railroads.  Soon after the company was founded, W.E. Malpass called upon his brother James, a journeyman machinist in England, to join the firm.”


Outdoor Pledge (Just Leave Nanny Out of the Equation!)

Outdoor Life, 1962

Great idea. Just don’t let it be a vehicle driven by those that aim to control every aspect of your life. All sounds good ’til the never ending reg’s result.



The 1927 Mississippi River Flood

“At Vicksburg, Mississippi, alone, the river was 80 miles wide. This flood shifted the influence of flood policy in the U.S., which is still impacting us today. Everything — our levee policies, the way we engineer all of these things — was built out of what people learned from the 1927 flood.”    U.S. Major Floods (Mississippi River Flood, 1927)


McKenzie River (Oregon) Environmental Assessment of Flows

McKenzie River (Oregon)

This is an interesting study on the McKenzie River drainage, a significant tributary of the Willamette River. The report is informative re data collected, comparisons made and how it could be applied to other rivers by the Department of Interior. The Nature Conservancy was also involved in the study.

Key Elements

• This report presents the results of a study that is part of the Nature Conservancy Sustainable Rivers Project begun in 2002 in partnership with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

• The study objective was the creation of an environmental flow framework for the McKenzie River basin, Oregon, necessary to sustain aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

• The goal of this report is to provide a hydrologic, geomorphic, and ecological baseline assessment for basin stakeholders.

The McKenzie River Study


Reed Canyon & Fish? (Inner City Discovery)

My 93 y/o aunt lives adjacent to Reed Canyon and the headwaters of Crystal Springs. I never paid  much attention. So, recently I was driving her to an appointment and what did I see but an obvious habitat improvement project. But, why there? I did a little query and what do you know, a fish habitat story worth following: The Reed Canyon Restoration Project

“Between 1973 and 1993, four population inventories found 16 species of fish from eight different families in Reed Lake. These included: Chinook Salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (juveniles and adults); Steelhead and/or Rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (juveniles and adults); Cutthroat Trout, Oncorhynchus clarki (juveniles and adults)…”

Crystal Springs (Reed Canyon) SwittersB

Crystal Springs from Reed Canyon (Habitat Improvement) SwittersB

Crystal Springs (Reed Canyon) SwittersB

It will be interesting to followup on this project over time to see if a safe passage way can be established/maintained.


Oregon Coastal Cutt’s: Amazing Video

Horatio Nailknot over on FB shared this amazing underwater video by David Saiget. For me it was  informative and I think you will agree beautifully done.

Behind The Bubble Curtain: The Underwater World of Coastal Cutthroat Trout


Wild Steelhead in Seattle Restaurant? Damn Ballsy

Well someone smacked their balls soundly enough to get it pulled from the menu. Dumb. Permanently boycott the bastards at Ray’s Boathouse I say….. Shooting Head (for more)

Now my story won’t get any recognition, but I thought it timely. I was exiting a SE Portland Safeway when I looked up and there on the backside of a non-trendy restaurant (there are actually a few in Portland) was a marquee highlighting Steelhead & Steak, nightly for $10.95.

Country Bill's and Aqua Steelhead (SwittersB)

I called and nicely enquired about the freshness of the Steelhead and the source. The bubbly waitress (now you know it was a non-trendy restaurant…the waitress was not a pinched, pretentious twit) told me the Steelhead was delivered by Pacific Seafood.

A quick on line review of Pacific Seafood, a Portland based company, revealed the source of their Steelhead: ” The steelhead used for both products is sourced from parent company Pacific Seafood’s aquaculture farm located in Nespelem, Wash., situated in the Okanagan Highlands on the Columbia River.”  (Not as alarming as Wild Steelhead for sure, but there is that Aquaculture thing again on the Columbia River?!)  Pacific Seafood

Oh, sorry to all the very nice, non-pinched, non-pretentious waitstaff at those trendy Portland restaurants.

Ballsy: ‘Vulgar Slang. Very tough and courageous, often recklessly or presumptuously so. ballsy.’

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