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The Finer Four: Delicate & Lively

I put together this macro collage of four fly tying materials that are special for smaller flies (even larger). The materials (Pheasant Tail, Ostrich, Starling, Peacock) are truly wonderful, natural materials that manage well on the smaller flies (16-22). Also, I have found them to be fairly durable (yet delicate) to handle while applying. Give them a try for tails, abdomens, thorax, wings, shucks, legs. They are usually available in fly shops and online. 

Finer Four SwittersB


Photography: Artificial vs. Natural (the unexplained conflict)

So much of what steers me toward photographic composition is intuitive, unexplained, impulsive and without much ability to articulate the why’s. Perhaps it is the toll of life’s passage, but I have a hard time explaining my reasons for certain things any more. Burned out, tired of thinking, resentful of the whole justify your beliefs…I just do it…I just am…I just like it or don’t like it. Here is an example…………..

artificial red swittersBNature, not your garden mind you, but out away where greens, browns, tans and grey blend into a rugged color palate. The introduction of red into this visual must be real for me. Hence, the red plastic flowers in a rural, over grown cemetery seemed abrasive (more on this soon).

Oh, I understand the why of plastic flowers at a cemetery…kind of. But, remember I can’t articulate this understanding very far out in my mind. It’s more like I like it or I don’t.

Berries Briars SBThis oddity of a briar sprouting in a remote parcel of land was unique and the red berries seemed perfectly natural to me even if the briar seemed out of place in a rugged canyon.

red flower lake BThe backdrop to this shot is so typical of the natural hues. And the presence of this plant standing in the water and blooming was pleasant with the natural reddish pink.

The natural, that seems normal to the terrain seems acceptable. The artificial that is inserted seems a violation of something……remember, I can’t really explain it. 

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