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Ancient Lakes Dried Up (Salton Sea?)

Lake Lahotan (Western Nevada) the Salton Sea set in the green basin of Southern California now

There is some interesting history about ancient lakes that dried up over the course of thousands of years. Currently, the Salton Sea, Aral Sea, Mono Lake are examples of lakes that are reportedly shrinking and providing alarming concerns about the man made and natural chemical’s airborne dust possibly causing illness and cancer risks. I am hesitant to use the might’s, could’s and maybe’s re eco disaster. But, there are some substantive studies in Russia re the Aral Sea (which was the fourth biggest lake in the world…no more) and cancers/birth defects. Of particular importance here, is the Salton Sea. Lake Lahotan was a different story but equally fascinating.  (Also, see Land Art)   (Salton Sea & Dust/Wind Pollutants)


Wild Pigs in Upstate New York?

Yet another example of man intro’ing non-native species (animals) into an area (we aren’t talking horses here): private hunting compounds bring in wild Russian boars and then let them escape and multiply. The feral hog problem is just starting in upstate N.Y., but it begs the question of how do such private reserves stand the test of management. Every other damn facet of our lives is managed. But, animals (safety, disease, crops, erosion) seem to fly under the scrutiny of local /state types when it comes to pricey hunting compounds. Maybe the laws/regs are there? 

Feral Pigs

 Carnivora Forum

“Feral swine are breeding in three counties in central New York, according to a federal study done last year with funding from New York’s Invasive Species Council. The wild population statewide is likely in the hundreds , said Gordon Batcheller, head of the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s Bureau of Wildlife.

That’s small compared with Texas, where biologists estimate the feral hog population at around 2 million, but Batcheller said any number is bad because they’re certain to multiply. Damage becomes more noticeable when the population reaches the thousands and the hogs stake out home territories rather than wandering widely….”

“We’re not talking about Porky Pig getting loose from the farm,” Rusz said. “These are Russian wild boars. Those animals are Houdini-like escape artists and they breed readily in the wild. We’ve had domestic pigs for centuries and never had a feral hog problem until the game ranches started bringing these in.”    AP ‘Wild Boars’


Climate Models & Cutt’s

I glaze over any more with the mish mash of models, ‘mights’, ‘maybe’s’, ‘could’s’ and I am skeptic, yes I use that word..skeptic, over the agenda’s of a few climate change advocates or the pre-conceived outcomes many studies show. This Western study has some typical model suggestions and vagueness, but it  ultimately leans heavy upon habitat enhancements as the only probable salvation for Western trout. The in your face man made infringements upon the water and edges of the waters is most critical at all times. Floods, volcanoes, run off, droughts….’maybe’. Improved models? Really? 


Cutthroat Trout


Over Fishing: How Much Cat food, Omega 3 & fillets do we need?


Is there really that much demand for fish consumption worldwide? That coupled with an increase in aquaculture shows harvesting five to six times higher in the 48 year span the chart depicts. What has happened in the last 12+ years to catch rates….increased in all probability.

Seafood Consumption Guides by U.S. Region


Outdoor Pledge (Just Leave Nanny Out of the Equation!)

Outdoor Life, 1962

Great idea. Just don’t let it be a vehicle driven by those that aim to control every aspect of your life. All sounds good ’til the never ending reg’s result.



Honey Bees: Those Eusocial Bees Sacrifice

Interesting, if slightly technical looking at the social structure of bees and the ‘eusocial’ patterns of behavior (no I don’t totally get it after the first four paragraphs); and more importantly where are the honey bees going? “…figures released in spring 2010 show that, during the winter of 2010, the U.S. lost 34%, or just over a third of its managed honeybee colonies. Jeff Pettis: What’s unusual is that they’re dying in such high numbers and so rapidly, so it’s just this dramatic depopulation.


Pollination determines the life of flowers, fruits and crops. It is estimated that every third morsel we consume is a result of pollination. The honey bee is among the most effective pollinators. 90 per cent of pollination in cross-pollinated crops like oil-seeds, vegetables, fruits and cereals is aided by honey bees alone.   Shridharsimplysaid

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