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Photography & Mountain Top Trees: Flagging

wind sheer SwittersB

“In areas with extremely strong prevailing winds, such as the tops of mountains or sea cliffs, trees receive forces predominantly from one direction. The result is an involuntary growth response called flagging. The leaves on the windward side are killed by wind-borne particles, and the windward branches are bent gradually leeward by the constant force.

The result is that the foliage points mostly downwind of the trunk, which itself leans away from the wind. This makes the tree much more streamlined, reducing the wind forces to which it is subjected. In the most exposed areas, the wind also tends to kill off the leading shoot at the top of the tree, so that the only living shoots are the ones that point downwind.” (source)


Photography Begs Questions: Foley Water’s Old Mine

The MIne Foley Waters SwittersB

What Was the Deal?

I have found zip about this old mind shaft I photographed this September along the Foley Water of the Deschutes River (Oregon).  I don’t believe I ever heard the story about it years ago when I first was pointed toward this spot by Harry Teel. Never thought to ask either later. Someone’s effort to mine and all that attendant work…wow… that must have been quite the task given the location. But, that’s mining. If someday, someone happens along here and is well versed in the history of who mined there on the Foley Water…please share. 


Every Day In May Topic: Fish Philosophy

I fish to connect. I strive, of course, to connect the fly to the fish. But also, to connect with my spiritual side, my predatory side, just more of me. Over the years, ‘me’ has blurred and faded where it shouldn’t. Fly fishing has always brought degrees of clarity.

Fly fishing is observation, exploration and movement. While I take a place in my ‘chapel’ I settle in and look about. I say my prayers and attempt to become at one with beauty, with the purpose, with my place in all this. It is so much easier there.

A gorgeous little gem! SwittersB

Yes, I love the big fish…the fine specimen. But, I marvel at the little gems as well that lay across your palm waiting for the hook’s removal. I will admit to a hierarchy of preferred fish, but I enjoy them all and would love to expand the variety some day.

I am predominantly a Catch and Release fly fisher. Wild is sacred. Hatchery more often than not gets a pass because beyond a little salmon, sturgeon, halibut & fish and chips, I don’t eat much fish. Do I kill fish? Yes, rarely. Coming back from Sitka, I’ve got the freezer box full of a little bit of Kings, Silvers, Sea Bass and Halibut. Notice I said a little bit. I’ve brought too much fish home before. Even after giving lots away and eating some, I still ended up with freezer burned fish. That is a waste. I just don’t feel the urge to kill a few fish, gut them and fry them up. I did as a kid, but stopped along the way after I’d kill the first fish and then not catch another one all day or the next. Seemed unnecessary, silly even. The put ‘n take fisheries encourage such nonsense.

The Quick Release…usually on the fish’s terms.

I guess that, in a circuitous route, points to my ‘fish philosophy’: at peace on the water, respect for the resource, connected to self and to something bigger.

Tomorrow’s Every Day in May Challenge Topic: Achievements (The Final Day…Whew!) 


Florida Everglades & Natural Area Problems

We hear that the Florida Everglades are beset by various harms. One is the  release of pythons into the wilds by stupid ‘pet’ owners. The importation and sale of such non-native species must stop!

Also, check out FeyGirl at Serentiy Spell and her very nice photographs of Florida wildlife and the Hypoluxo Scrub Natural Area. 


Coal & the American West by Paul K Anderson

Buried away in an email account I had not checked in sometime was an impressive bit of work sent to me by long time friend Tom Anderson. He flew the plane while his brother Paul took photographs showing the effects of coal mining upon the landscape.

 Once inside Paul K. Anderson’s Site…also, look at ‘About’ and gaze upon that amazing shot Paul and Tom captured of the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone near Old Faithful. Paul resides in Washington and Tom in Montana. My apologies Tom for not catching this sooner. 


Photography: Yosemite’s Horsetail Falls…Wait, Wait……..

Yosemite's Horsetail Falls...Fire in Motion

Calculating any number of factors is part of the iffy equation of  getting the right shot in February of Yosemtie’s Horsetail Falls. The logistics….


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