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The New Year: Looking Forward……………

Beauty Bow SB-BLooking forward to the New Year, I am making certain hopeful resolutions with regard to fly fishing & photography: I want to pick up the two hander again and for once catch a Steelhead on it, not just practice casting…I want to venture forth this Winter, into Spring with some fly fishing trips in Central Oregon (Crooked, Metolius, Deschutes Rivers)…I MUST organize all my gear back into the somewhat manageable concepts of Salmon/Steelhead…Bass…Trout. Now everything has become a mishmash of overlapping rods, lines, flies and I am often forgetting something (back to the checkoff list)…More photography of urban/industrial settings along with the natural environment…exploring the Columbia River Gorge (Oregon) in late Spring/early Summer for Wildflowers and then learning to identify and photograph them…we want to travel to the desert and find those rustic locales to photograph and imagine what was. That’s a good start. I will have to think about the ‘normal’ resolutions re working out, less harmful activities, organizing etc. Seem so boring the day after Christmas Day.


SwittersB’s New Year’s Resolutions

Patience…Healthy eating habits…Much more two handed rod work…Seriously tying smaller flies…A week on East Lake…A healthy heart…Learning how to take better macro photographs…Mid-week excursions on the Deschutes R….Smallmouth Bass to the fly…Recapturing my yard and my gardening spirit…Conquering my deceased mom’s hoarding house (half way there)…Taking care of my 93 y/o aunt (also a hoarder)…Enjoying solitude and a mind at peace…Celebrating my blessings….blogging with continued passion.


SwittersB, the Spey Rod & the Kinect XBox 360


SwittersB Feeling His Way

At some point in my life, fishing a single handed rod became akin to riding a bike. I recall, after many falls, when I could just do it. Same with the single handed rod. Seems second nature now.

However, a two handed rod is not second nature yet. The other night a mental/physical comparison came to mind. I was at my son’s house. He always has the newest this and that techno toy. The Xbox 360 Kinect toy was activated.

‘Oh let’s do the dance game’. Ha! That will be the day. Most of the men hunkered deeper into their chair, myself included. I am of the persuasion that maybe, I say maybe, after several alcoholic bebidas, I might get up and dance at a wedding. Certainly never the chicken dance. Certainly never solo.

So, I had no intention of standing before my family sans rhythm. Yet, there I was standing before everyone and trying to follow the prompts to dance to Funky Town. Awkwardly and mechanically, with no rhythm, I tried to keep up…but, demonstrated once again, SwittersB has no dancing capabilities (unless primed). I felt, at that moment, the same awkward, stilted, over thinking feelings I have when standing in a river waving a two handed rod in front of peers.

Will it pass? I think so, for the spey rod. I doubt it for Funky Town. The other thing such a game does is show you how out of shape you are. New Years Resolutions coming up (yet again).

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