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Fly Fishing Streamer~Killer (Mrs. Simpson looks good, for her age)

Mrs. Simpson
Mrs. Simpson

 Hook: #2 – 10 regular shank
Thread: Yellow or red
Tail: Black squirrel
Body: Tying thread
Wings: pheasant rump feathers
Head: black. 

Mrs. Simpson
Mrs. Simpson

I love the look of this NZ born streamer pattern. Originated decades ago, this pattern should be resurrected for experimentation on rivers and lakes. It strikes me as every bit as enticing as a Matuka or Muddler Minnow. The drab qualities of these patterns beg a bit of Krystal Flash, but it should be initiated as is and additions added to further experiment.    

Some additional fanciful history perhaps:


streamers, leeches, bombers (articulated or hinged or trailer…some history)

Black Heron Fly Fishing

Black Heron Fly Fishing

Not too long ago I received some questions about tying Articulated Leeches. I knew a little about the popularity of these flies due to their success in enticing strikes, but I was in the dark about how to articulate the two hooks. It prompted a little research on my part to find some hsitory and methods for tying these flies. What I found was a bit confusing, however, and I really didn’t like the methods that I discovered.

So, it seems that there are many methods used to tie connect the hooks for these flies. The underlying principles behind all them are strentgh, action, and anti-fouling. Obviously, when you are fishing for heavy fish in fast water, the concern is that with two joined section of hook shank, you do don’t want to lose a fish due to a weak joint. The purpose of the articulation, in the first place is to add life-like action to the fly, so that it entices fish to strike, believing it’s the real deal. And finally, the joints need to be tied in such a manner that the rear shank will not double back and get fouled with the front shank, ruining the action that the articulation was designed to impart. If all of these characterics are present, combined with the right pattern color and size to match the conditions, these flies can be unbelievably deadly.


Zonker’s (Excellent How To Visuals by Lucian Vasies)


Zonker     This is always an excellent site, with perfect visual tutorials on how to tie patterns of equal value in the US or anywhere for that matter that trout or grayling swim. Explore the site. Don’t give up over the language differences. I can assure you, you will enjoy this site (the photography alone makes it so much easier to learn). I have posted re this site several times before. Romanian flytying at its finest.


2 Cool Tying Sites (Video Views in the round & Streamers) (great way to see all aspects of the fly, rather than just lateral view) (3 part piece, nice streamers)

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