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Brown Trout: Lord Have Mercy! Pass the Xanax


Video via Current Seam of New Zealand Brown Trout Inhaling Damsels


Bunnies Bonkers in New Zealand….Edgy Easter Visuals

Pest Control: Perhaps the wrong timing to some, given the Easter weekend (and the gentle way some view the dear Bunny) is here….but, the rabbit infestation in New Zealand continues. Accounts of the problem go back over a century plus… Recently (2009) a major study was released about the management of the rabbits.

“Rabbits and hares have become a major pest in NZ and Australia. The European rabbit was introduced to NZ around 1838 as game for sportsmen to hunt. Rabbit numbers quickly rose to plague proportions in Otago, Canterbury and Wairarapa by 1890. Ferrets, stoats, weasels and cats were introduced in an attempt to control the rabbits with disastrous effect on native bird life.

Hares can be distinguished from rabbits by their longer legs which can be seen clearly when running.

Breeding is a year round activity in NZ. A female rabbit can produce 25-40 young per year and young become sexually mature at 3-4 months. Rabbits eat grasses, clover, buds and seeds of many annuals. Rabbits compete with stock for grazing and often eat out the most palatable grass.” (more info)

Grading Rabbit skins...NZ 1930

Always an interesting series of events…man intro’s non-native species and messes up the balance…man attempts to correct the situation and messes it up further. Sometimes man seems to have gotten it alright as say with trout in far flung places (some might disagree). Now man will nuke the hell out of the rabbits and look to be the bad guy (does PETA exist in New Zealand?).

I recall living across from a golf course. Each late Spring/early Summer there would be a sudden release of bunnies into the confines of the golf course by idiots that bought an Easter bunny for the kids and then decided they needed to release the critters. And, each Summer the population would grow. And, joggers running around the golf course would dodge bunnies on the jogging path and golfers would nail bunnies on the course and more importantly bunnies would get nailed on the street trying to leave the golf course to get into my yard and mow down every piece of green vegetation I called flowers in my yard.

I recall the news media knocking on my front door asking about my concerns re the rabbit infestation in the neighborhood. Soon thereafter there were no more rabbits to be found anywhere on the golf course or in my yard. No…I have no idea why I wrote this post……… Oh, now I remember.

Leave it to man to adapt to such situations.............

While there seems to be a shortage of hackle, perhaps there is a ready supply of rabbit fur for new, innovative patterns or the old standbys that utilized hare and rabbit furs.

Hare's Ear Nymph (Bead Head) SwittersB


Fly Tying: Marc Griffiths’ Wildflies (NZ)

Marc Griffiths' Wildflies (NZ)

Marc Griffiths provides some nice visuals and tutorials for inspiration. Check out his site at Wildflies (NZ) A nice touch, by Marc, is to submerge and photograph some of his patterns to see the materials’ affects upon the hook.and well, the effects too.


Trout Aquaculture for New Zealand?

Federated Farmers backs restarting aquaculture (NZ)

“Strategically, aquaculture has major economic potential for New Zealand that needs to be harnessed in order to grow our economy.

“20 percent of the diet for some 2.6 billion people is made up of fish protein and over the next four decades, the world’s human population will expand by some 3.7 billion people. That’s a big reason to give our farmers the legislative means to realise the opportunity,” Mr Nicolson concluded.   NZ Aquafarming


Fly Fishing NZ (Prepare So Your Guide Doesn’t Have a Wobbly)

“I suggest you keep in mind that we fish long leaders here and many people find it hard to roll out an 18ft leader into the wind. Short leaders just won’t cut it. I’m not saying go from 9ft to 18 ft in one go, but before you come over, start tying on a few extra feet from time to time and see how you go at 16 feet. That will help a shit load.”

“I see this all the time: people in the car park trying to impress others by casting into their backing, double hauling and all that shit. Let me tell you, I’d rather take the guy who can put it on a saucer every time at 35ft than someone who is all over the show at 80 feet. Accuracy will win over distance on an NZ river nearly every time, but you’re still going to have to chuck it against the wind. Learn to get accurate.” Blood Knot Magazine re NZ Prep


Scotch Poacher (New Zealand Streamer Pattern With Overlayed Wing)

Scotch Poacher~NZ Pattern (Peter Frailey)

Scotch Poacher~NZ Pattern by John Nicholls (Photo by Peter Frailey)

Hook: Wet fly hook, size 2 to size 10
Thread: Black
Tail: Black squirrel tail
Rib: Flat silver tinsel
Body: Orange chenille or fur
Wing: Pukeko breast feathers tied flat on top of the body
Collar: Orange hackle

“Scotch Poacher — This fly is a night fly that imitates a Koura (Freshwater crayfish) and is best used at river mouths lakeside after dark, fished slowly along the bottom. The Scotch Poacher is a killing lure down here and one that can be regarded as a New Zealand fly fishing icon.” (The Pukeko Style by John Nicholls)


Fly Fishing Geography: Tasmania (always learning…the point of this blog)

Tasmania. I have heard of it.

My 2007 Christmas Is. Trip..Huh? There It Is...Tasmania

My 2007 Christmas Is. Trip..Huh? There It Is...Tasmania

I am embarrassed to say, as someone that has a pretty good geographical fix on most places on Earth, that I had NEVER noticed where Tasmania was located. Don’t ask me why, but I always thought it was out there to the East, closer to New Zealand.




But, alas, as you can see, there it is right off the coast of Australia. So, just as I have recently learned about SE Europe Fly Fishing, Mongolian Eagle Hunting and the magicians with a Spey rod; I learned where exactly Tasmania was (well, and is). I wonder if my Christmas Is. skipper new where it was…obviously his clients did.     

“Just a point of order, Sir. Tasmania is a state of Australia… and Tasmanians would object to being ‘located’ – “just off the coast of Australia”. More correctly… Tasmania, is right off the coast of ‘mainland’ Australia.”  Dear God, can I display my ignorance any more soundly? (Yes, with my grammar and other ways)…..Thanks to  ‘rantsampersandmore’

Quite amazing information from Mountain River  Journal re  Tasmania…..!!!!(see Comments Section)

“Tasmanians avoid the term mainland Australia.
We refer to it as the North Island of Tasmania” :)


Flyfishing NZ (frigging exotic~2008 FF World Championships)

Amazing pictorial of practice stream for the 2008 World FF Championships. A post from the Romanian Flytying site. Again, excellent and provocative images.

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