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History: Boom! Then, upon second to last thought………..

High Explosives SBTwo old boxes, one for dynamite, one for blasting caps. When my mind flits back to dynamite, I usually envision a long fuse burning away toward a cluster of dynamite or a plunging detonator blowing up dynamite to move earth or layers of rock during mining. 

But, for those of you, like me less learned about this old material here are a few fun facts:

Dynamite, the detonator and blasting caps were invented by one Alfred Nobel, born in Sweden in 1833. Alfred was somewhat of a boy genius or at least quite bright with little in the way of formal education. Gifted in the sciences, engineering and languages, Alfred’s parents exposed him early on to research in armament as well as travel to Russia, France and the United States. Nobel issued over 350 patents in his lifetime, was central in implementing over ninety armament factories and brought great focus on how to better build explosives. At the same time, Alfred was somewhat a ‘pacifist’. Odd evolution, but interesting nonetheless.

Toward the end of his life, Alfred Nobel created a trust into which he put the overwhelming majority of his wealth. Further he created the Nobel Prize in multiple categories of Science, Literature, Peace etc. Today we generally hear about the Peace prize but there are other important categories, all created via the benevolence and vision for man’s growth and betterment by Alfred Bernhard Nobel. He died in 1896 and was buried in Stockholm, Sweden.

The photos are of two old boxes in an old warehouse in Portland, Oregon. I took the shots because of the rustic appearances and then thought to look up more about dynamite.

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