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Pike Tattoo (Piking Cool)

Piking Tattoo (Ta2oo)



Pike’s (No, Not Pike Street Market in Seattle….) Predators

I know nothing more about Pike fishing than they look evil and arouse the predatory, retaliatory urge in me. That said, far better, if you live in the lands of Pike, to be familiar with two notable experts in the field, who are amazing tiers and gifted chroniclers. Must be the latitude.

Simon Graham (Finland) at Pike Fly Fishing Articles and Ulf Hagstrom (Sweden) at 700 Teeth tie some amazing creations to provoke the slash. Check them out at their sites. If you are of a mind, they are both at FB also.


Check out Jiri Bohdal’s exceptional images at Naturfoto


the Pike, the fly (simon graham and finland…energy & humor)

Mustad Hook & Preferred Gamakatsu Hook (bottom)

Mustad Hook & Preferred Gamakatsu Hook (bottom)


“I have been experimenting with quite a few brands, makes and types over the last 4 years in the search of a hook that I could call my favorite pike fly hook, but all have stood up to the test remarkably well although I have become a bit partial to the SL 12S BIG GAME 6/0 Saltwater fly hook from “Gamakatsu”and I have found they have increased the amount of hook ups I got last season.”

Simon Graham
Replot, Korsholme, Finland
“Every fisherman has their favourite fish he/she likes to pursue. Mine has to be the snot rocket – Esox lucius. I’ve spent countless hours chucking large wads of fluff in my quest for this fantastic predator,…”   “This blog is not just about fly fishing for pike…its about a lifestyle I lead, in probably one of the best fishing wilderness destinations in the world, Finland.”  (Photographs by Simon Graham of Beautiful Finland)

Simon Graham: “Born in England but grew up in South Africa. I now live perminantly in Finland in a small village Called Kuru, and Make a living as a Wilderness guide and photographer as well as run my own fly-fishing tours business

Very interesting site written with a good sense of humor and great variety. Much to learn here transferable to Western Hemisphere and Northern Europe.


Pike Place Market (Fly Fishing for, perhaps ‘the’ Predator?)

Archepeligo Mirror~Simon Graham

Archepeligo Mirror~Simon Graham


I have to say that I am a complete novice re Pike. I can only bring my own instincts to predation and that instinct borne from all fishing of inducing that take through movement, smell, color, sound. I am admittedly intrigued by this long, sleek killer and would love to fish for them someday. Not sure it will happen, but the enviorns closest to me in the Northern U.S. and Canada..seem so appealing and the big fly, shallower waters and observed take…wow! I also enjoy reading about other parts of the world where these fish are taken. I love steelhead, salmon, all trout, but these critters could become addictive. I am sure those that chase bass, walleye, carp etc. feel the same.  But, one has to acknowledge true predators…pike fit that bill. I want to learn more and there are some beautiful photographs on the attached link and interesting sites from Graham’s site….enjoy, I did.  

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