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WW2 Nose Art Search (Ain’t Misbehavin & Marjorie, the Model)

William Gent would like the assistance of any WWII Nose Art enthusiast, who might know of the downed B-24 Liberator bomber, the Ain’t Misbehavin. Gent’s family member, Mother Marjorie, was the model for the nose art. The plane was shot down over Italy. If you have any photo’s of the plane or the application of the nose art let me know and I will provide you Mr. Gent’s contact info.

B-24 Liberator Bomber, WW2


Woman & Fish (wilco ruinemans’ art~nose art potential for the drift boat?)

Woman and Fish ~ Wilco Ruinemans

Woman and Fish ~ Wilco Ruinemans

I can only guess. Insanely provocative I know…I hesitated to post it as what would you call it…sex for sex sake…but I was querying women and fly fishing in Google Images and there it was. Ruinemans’ site offers little in the way of an explanation for his works. But, because he appears to be adept with the airbrush techniques, I considered it interesting to the nose art that I find fascinating and frankly the sexuality of the nose art and this piece is plain sexy. No apologies for that.  Airbrush work by Wilco Ruinemans would take nose art to a new level. Of course, this work would not be PC for a Defense Dept. canvas. Perhaps rather than the same old tired gear logos a drift boat could have a new angle. In addition too, an occasional tweak to PC would be welcome…because you will soon be a rebel to even suggest it.  (

Also, check out Boris Vallejo for seemingly similar and erotic work: (thanks to Lissi)


Nose Art to the drift boat (peace time display)

There is huge following for vintage WWII (and other theaters) Nose Art. I have posted re this before and receive numerous enquiries about the imagery and art form. Over at Buster, they have combined the perfect peace time vessel for displaying Nose Art…shopped perhaps, but not a bad idea for the artistic & skilled………  

Peaceful Nose Art @ Busters
Peaceful Nose Art @ Busters

Of course, I am mindful we are not at peace. One of my employees is headed for his 3rd tour in the Middle East. Perhaps the thoughts are that the above displays will become peace time.    


Nose Art and Tattoo’s Merge History

I have posted before about WWII Nose Art, the adornment of bombers with either provocative hot babes or fearsome images…this practice advanced up to present times, but has diminished through PC Idiocy, surely not through a lack of artists or new technology. I was researching area ink artists when I came across this work by Jason Leisge at Oddball Studios, Portland, Oregon. It reminded me of the WWII artists, who sketched and then painted sexy babes on the sides of bombers and fighters destined to deliver young men into combat. The ink artists of today are often extraordinary artists. The ink art can betray the details one sees in their pencil drawn templates or sketches of concepts they have milling around in their heads. Now, I wouldn’t personally opt for the sleeve, but the wearer of the art has an interest in WWII history equal to the Nose Art aficionado, for sure. 

WWI Sleeve by Jason Leisge

WWII Sleeve by Jason Leisge




There are some fine sites out there re Nose Art and Wartime Tattoo’s; I need to keep looking for what my next fly fishing tat might be and who will do it…  


Fly Fishing Visitors to swittersb’s blog (please tell me where you’re from)

SwittersB~Christmas Is. 2007

SwittersB~Christmas Is. 2007


I recently tried installing a mapping tool on my side bar and found even a few hours input fascinating. However, the widget skewed my right side and had to remove the mapping device. So, if you come across this baited post, would you mind dropping a comment to me so I can see where my visitors come from and one thing you are most interested in and would like to see more of…??

Here is a small two hour window of visitor employing the mapping tool and their locations I noted and enjoyed receiving… I would appreciate any feedback.


Portland, OR, United States  
Miami, FL, United States  
Saginaw, MI, United States  
Lawrence, MA, United States  
San Ramon, CA, United States  
Smyrna, GA, United States  
Chevy Chase, MD, United States  
Ft Mitchell, KY, United States  
Bozeman, MT, United States  
Mount Ephraim, NJ, United States  
Adelaide, Australia  
Eatonton, GA, United States  
Spicewood, TX, United States  
Niagara Falls, ON, Canada  
, , United States  
Eugene, OR, United States  
Erie, CO, United States  
Portland, OR, United States  
Mobile, AL, United States  
Ardmore, PA, United States  
Glyndon, MN, United States  
Rockland, ME, United States  
Quebec, QC, Canada  
Athens, Greece  
Las Vegas, NV, United States  
Melbourne, Australia



WW2 Nose Art (Help for a son: My Marge or My Margie?)


Trying to find my father’s nose art of my mother on his airplane from depicted “My Marge” or “My Margie”.My father’s name is Lt.Col. Richard Stanley Griffith,USAF,RET.(Deceased,09/04/1993).He flew just about every plane flying during ww2.P-38 for sure and lot’s of bombers.If you find any information ,please fwd to me ,Eric.


WW2 Aircraft Nose Art (Pre PC, when boys were men)

While researching the ‘river nose’ issue, I came across ‘nose art’. I had no idea what that was, but came across all manner of aircraft nose art. The art ran from WWII to Korea, Vietnam upto the Iraq conflicts. The art dynamics in recent conflicts have swung toward the non-sexual/suggestive form. I prefer the ‘girls’ of WWII. 
B-24 Liberator

B-24 Liberator

“History shows that the artwork spans almost a century, from World War I — to Operation Iraqi Freedom, but its most notable period was clearly in World War II and Korea. This was a time when the military commanders were more flexible in boosting the morale of the pilots and crew — and weren’t as concerned about ‘political correctness’ during the crew’s most dangerous and deadly war efforts.”

“To personalize their war chariots, these renegade pilots chose a variety of designs from pin-up girls, slogans, cartoons, and nicknames — to hometowns, humor, and more girls.”

 “The subject matter of the art–particularly the sexual portrayal of women–has been a challenge to nose artists. The unclothed female figure was popular with the crews, but inevitably went against commanders’ wishes. There are several obvious explanations for the sexual aspect of nose art. Combat troops are comprised of a select portion of the population–they are primarily young, unmarried males. For the first time in their lives they are separated from home and the constraints of civilian society. Additionally, under conditions of war, in which death and wounding are the prominent concerns, moral controls relax. The farther from home and command headquarters, the more daring was the art. That this art not only made its appearance, but was allowed during World War II, suggests that war alters attitudes. In World War II especially, society applied different rules to the combat troops they considered to be risking their lives for the country. Normal societal rules fell into place when an aircraft was brought home for a war bond promotion and nose art nudes were ordered clothed. Some crews, refusing to bow to public pressure, placed the stamp “Censored” across their art instead…”

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