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Nude on a roof…



Etched Nude Woman

“Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.”  Charles Chaplin

“I was there to see beautiful naked women. So was everybody else. It’s a common failing.”  Robert Heinlein

“I used to sleep nude…until the earthquake.” Alyssa Milano

Nude Woman-Shower Stall Door-Nude-Glass Door-Photography-MCM-SwittersB

My uncle, had this shower door installed in the 1950’s in their home. I never really got to know him before he passed away. I have one recollection, when I was about 10 years old, of him giving me a fly rod. In hind site, it was a generous offering to a young boy. Some how, I never saw this shower door in the day. I imagine, in later years, we could have had some interesting conversations.


Nude Fly Fishing: Ray Troll’s Helpful Reminder

I am not trying to start a theme here, given yesterday’s condom post. But, I notice almost everyday I see queries at SwittersB & Fly Fishing for ‘nude fly fishing’. Now admittedly over the years, SwittersB use to post some more provocative ladies here at SwittersB. But not in some time. I queried Google for ‘swittersb nude fly fishing’ and came up with nothing. So, some how SwittersB must provide that care free perception of nudity dare I say coupled with fly fishing.

However, I am reminded of a T-Shirt designed long ago by Alaskan artist Ray Troll. It has always been my guiding reminder about the angle of the dangle so to speak.

The-Perils-of-Nude-Flyfishing-MagnetIf you have never seen Ray Troll’s work, give it a look over. His drawings are fun and so imaginative. His TShirts have been around for a good many years. His artwork beyond the T’s is very enjoyable.

I mean I understand the combination of communing with the outdoors, heat, privacy, hormones and getting a little color. If you do intend to fly fishing buck naked, I do suggest that you smash down the barb on the fly for an easy release of…well whatever you might hook.


Contrasts: The Wake & The Bikini Car Wash

For the first time in ages, the back of my rig is void of anything fishing. Not one rod or fly box. Nothing for ‘just in case’. I have been busy with life’s duties and obligations. Just the way it is. The passion is too engrained to just evaporate; too many years. Right now it all seems out of focus. Or is it? See that escape to what feels best is alive and well, I believe.

Messages abound, signs that even a brief escape would be beneficial and soon. Like yesterday…a sign…I was exiting the freeway, headed home. I saw a sign. A contrast of sorts that begged for more simplicity, more nature, escape.

Half naked young women performing a car wash at a nude bar, other young women ‘soliciting’ for dirty cars on the sidewalk, as cars passed by. Next to them, a large white limo in the lot. The limo appeared to have carried a large family (old and young dressed in they finest). They were laying flowers, wreaths, balloons on the lot…holding a wake of sorts, next to car wash event. Such event planning. A spot where last week a young man was shot to death. Some ambush & revenge issue from the ‘hood.

The contrast of it all was not some terrible theater of life that causes confusion, questions or stress. No, it was almost comical, humorous and ‘interesting’. That was when, as I drove on, I said to myself…’self, you need to get your ass out of town soon and fish’. Yep, that’s what I said. The weirdness of the city must be endured yes. But, to endure it, one must periodically escape to the greater chapel.


“Vag Pag” Raises Awareness of ……………………

Of course, Portlandia is not the only place, but it’s Weirdness Quotient most often will have it in the top 5 in the Western Hemisphere.

There is always a cause around the next corner in Portlandia. Pick the right neighborhood and gather all the concerned together and the causes emerge in signs, T’s, booths and verbiage. Here a car is the perfect mobile marketing app. Dare I say there is a deeper intent in the event, but I would leave that to you to figure out. Nope, nothing to do with Fly Fishing but this does explain why I do crave the outdoors more than the urban mania. 


Berdie Judd (Women’s Fly Fishing Icon bounced as Alliance Chair) UPDATE

Bertie 'Bud' Judd and Friends

Bertie 'Bud' Judd and Friends

“Mildred Sussman of the Women’s Alliance for Nature’s Renewal answered enquiries today about the departure of Bertie Judd from the group’s helm. Sussman said it was a mutual decision for Judd to relinquish her role as Chair of the group. This stemed from a recent debacle in St. Charles while Judd was on holiday with friends. Several escapades were documented when authorities were summoned to the Tradewinds Lounge, where Judd was holding forth on the worthiness, or lack there of, of men. Authorities were advised that several women were partially clothed. The incident later resulted in knowledge that Judd had used Alliance monies to finance travel and accommodations in St. Charles. The trip was planned under the auspices of a fly fishing piece to highlight the Alliance. It appears Judd was more inclined to celebrate the night life than explore the local waters. Upon her return to Newbury, Judd met with members of the Alliance and an agreement was reached for Judd to step aside as Chair.” 

“It may be recalled that Judd was the first woman to compete in what had been a male dominated event, the prestigious Siness Quarry Fly Fishing Championships. Judd came from obscurity to garner runner up status and to emerge into the public’s view. Since then, Bertie Judd has been instrumental in promoting women’s fly fishing and tying as well as the procurement of habitat through the Alliance’s funding.”

“When reached for comment by the Newbury Messenger, Bertie Judd said she would continue to lead women into the outdoors, and in particular, show women the ‘affirming power of tossing the fly and coaxing the meet’.”

Photo Courtesy of:,4982.0.html 


It is apparent that the women emerging as future role models for fly fishing promotion are tame in comparison to Bertie “Bud” Judd and her gal pals in St. Charles. Bertie, Bertie I need to find out more about you.  

Update 3/7/09:

“Mr. Switters, I feel compelled to write, not to explain away a momentary event of no consequence, but rather to remark upon how important to not take one’s eyes off the goal…promoting women to take risks in a male dominated endeavor. My life’s ambition has been to succeed in creating an inviting space in the wild for women to feel comfortable while learning the skills of fly fishing. I have not, as you may suggest, been asked to leave the ‘Alliance’ but rather to move in a new direction to enhance our projects…..”  

With kind regards….Berdie Judd

Birdie Judd & WARN Members
Birdie Judd & WANR Members

Birdie Judd (second from left)


Nymph Weave (French) & Sarkozy’s Nymph

An excellent visual presentation on how to weave nymph bodies. Don’t mind the instructions in French. The visuals are all that matters and this is very good. (Note: ‘4 Tissages’ and watch the excellent presentations). (if this does not open, delete all to the right of net/. 

Flyfishing World~Woven Caddis

Flyfishing World~Woven Caddis










Carla Bruni Sarkozy

Carla Bruni Sarkozy


And, I have to hand it to President Sarkozy. Carla Bruni, the Nymph.  Somehow the French Flytying images just evoke, require some form of complimentary curves.

Looks pretty good for 40 years old. Couldn’t download a teaser, too provocative for WordPress security tastes. (Read!)


Perfection is reletive….but there is still some free choice.


Entomology v. Callipyginous

The Green Drake is courtesy of The Drake Magazine,  by germanbrown, bugporn

The other natural wonder is courtesy of russbutt3, Planck’s/Flickr. Interestingly, the pic was from a series of pics that dealt with ‘callipyginous’ (well shaped ass) and an in your face post to tweak Muslim fanatics. Well, Planck’s has been banned and removed due to pressures…mind your freedoms down the road if Sharia law gets a foot hold in this country. I do have to say, no offense to the pure and/or fanatics, that that is the most amazing ass I have seen in years…every curve…every crease….

Isn’t free choice wonderful?  I know it was a bit gratuitous to post the dun photo like that…such visual temptations can be harmful to your way of life and lead to self absorption.

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