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Fly Fishing: Discoveries and More to Learn

SBPart of the enjoyment of fly fishing, for me, is discovering what I have yet to learn. It is not frustrating, but rather adds energy to the hobby. It never gets old. Recently, I was fishing a lake and discovered something I had not observed before in the Fall. Micro Caddis, probably size 20-22 (related to hook size for a fly pattern) were flitting about and the trout were busy on the surface. 

Somehow, I had assumed, with the exception of October Caddis (much larger fly), there were no other Caddis species out there this time of year. I am not sure what I based that upon…other than never having noticed them before and not studying up on the hatch cycles. I new discovery. I a new strategy for the future to be better prepared. This is something to also study up on.

There are many nice, basic sites out there that do a nice job explaining entomology. A good one for stillwater fly fishing is Mike Gorman’s Site (used with permission). Trout Caught/Released


Beckoning: Deschutes River (The Big D)

deschutes sb-001

Deschutes River dropping down into Maupin, Oregon. The whole phrase…’dropping down into’ is full of anticipation for the person approaching a canyon.

So, an exercise in multi-planning: October Caddis, BWO’s (Blue Winged Olives), Mohagony Duns OR Steelhead into the mainstem below the Locked Gate. Trout rod and Spey rod. I am going with others that rarely fly fish…one from Minnesota. Do I fish or do I mentor? A little of both no doubt. Visuals, smells, sounds, a pulse onto its own. Take it in and keep it mellow.

October Caddsi-Deschutes River (SwittersB)

An October Caddis on the Deschutes R.

Outcomes and The Moment

Trout D SB


October Caddis Time? A Couple Tutorials

If there is one bench mark that shows time has flown by it is the annual reminder that the October Caddis still looms as a very late Summer…ok Fall opportunity on our rivers. Each year, I remark about how it seems I just did this…well so it is again. The time has flown by and the large October Caddis morsel remains. Something to offset the little BWO’s….the larger Caddis patterns are fun to cast, easy to see and often productive.

A nice Trout took a rubber legged Stimulator. A quite suitable pattern for October Caddis.


Fly Fishing: Teasing the Seam

October Caddis, Deschutes River

Whether from the bank, or from a boat that holding water between the seam and the bank is often the prime holding water as hatches take place or the flies return to deposit eggs. Red’s Fly Shop (Yakima, Wa.) presents some nice, basic information here from the guide on how to best present the fly. Mother’s Day Caddis (videos) or the looming October Caddis the information is worthwhile.

The Bank, The Seam, The Riffle


Fly Tying: Caddis With Deer Hair Wing/Elk Hair Wing




Fly Tying: Over Wing & Under Wing (Hair and CDC)

October Caddis (SwittersB)

Size 8, straight eye hook, brown 8/0 thread, two herls of dyed orange peacock for abdomen with touch of orange dubbing for thorax, then one wrap of CDC and  one wrap of barred orange hackle, under wing: three CDC feather, over wing: deer hair.


October Caddis (SwittersB)

Same recipe as above except no barred orange hackle wrap. I tied in the under wing of  CDC then dubbed in front of it before tying in over wing of deer hair. An unnecessary step, I think.


October Caddis (SwittersB)

Dubbed orange abdomen here. One turn of CDC feather and then the under wing of four CDC feathers. The over wing is elk hair . The deer hair was nicer to work with. I left the heads scruffy and untrimmed. Just experimentations with my recent infatuation with CDC. The hook is too small and light wire for a steelhead skater. The head is also too small. A more pronounced head would be needed to better displace water/wake ‘n skate.

The under wing/over wing, comprised of CDC and deer or elk hair, will add considerable buoyancy. Another trigger or excitor factor I like are the dangling, busy, life giving CDC fibers. You might get some of this by simply tying in the under wing. But, I like the suggestion of life from wrapping a CDC hackle one to two times and allowing for the trailing fibers to work their magic on/in the water.


October Caddis (Where Does Time Go?)

October Caddis~Switters B (Deschutes R.)Over a year ago, I was waving a two hander on the Deschutes R. in search of steelhead and incidentally noticing the October Caddis clinging to streamside trees in the afternoon breeze. I vowed to be there again for the steelhead and if time allowed or focus waned, a little trout fishing as well. Life has conspired to wipe out these plans this year. But, in honor of the large Caddis, yet another hairwing imitation…a low riding affair…less buoyant than and Elk Hair Caddis (EHC) but no less worthy.

Maybe next year, I will have not just planned to go but will have actually expended the time to tie up several dozen October Caddis patterns of various looks. I have previously posted here about October Caddis so query the search box re the habitat of the large trout morsel.


October Caddis Pattern Materials~SwittersB

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