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Oregon Access to Rivers & Streams (Study Up and Get Involved)

Bank Access..Not Just for the Quickly Moving Fly Fisher

Bank Access..Not Just for the Quickly Moving Fly Fisher

‘Oregon river access rights battle brewing — get ready’
Here’s a quick primer on Oregon River Rights from Common Waters of Oregon:
Even if the bed of a waterway is privately owned, the waterway may be used for public recreation and other purposes if it meets the state test of “floatability.” A waterway is “floatable” if its length, width and depth allow boats—even small boats or canoes—to make successful progress through its waters.If a privately owned waterway meets this test, the public may use the water for recreational uses, including boating, fishing and swimming. On these rivers, the public may not interfere with the landowners’ use of their property. Similarly, the landowners may not interfere with the public’s right to use the river, even though the landowners own the river bed. For example, landowners may not build a fence across a river or string barbed wire across a river that meets the floatability test.
The public’s right to use a river does NOT entitle the public to trespass on upland private property to gain access to a river from the upland. The public’s rights are to “use” the rivers, not rights to “access” the rivers. “Necessity” or emergency may be an exception, but do not assume so.

Court upholds public river access in Montana


Green Island Project, Oregon (Interesting Habitat Study and Reclamation)

Found this interesting project on the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog. This is a worthy project and good example of intelligent application of FF resources and practical outcomes.
“How is the money being spent?
The proceeeds from this year’s tournament went to McKenzie River Trust’s project at Green Island. This island, over 1,000 acres in size is located just west of the town of Coburg and is formed by the confluence of the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers. It was purchased from the Green Family by MRT in 2003. (The following slides are from MRT’s Chris Vogel)

McKenzie River Trust Green Island Project
08 (smallmouth-bass)

Smallie~Umpqua R. (OFFB)

Smallie~Umpqua R. (OFFB)

This is a site that always captures the energy and spirit of exploring and finding ‘The Moment’. I enjoyed the section re a backpacking trip and exploring the upper reaches of the McKenzie R. And, of course, the Smallmouth Bass from the Umpqua. This is something I have never done and want to. Tips are shared and inspiration provided. Mark it for a frequent read or dose of motivation to try something different in this beautiful state.

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